Belenen (belenen) wrote,

prompts 16, 17, 18: important recent learning / life with me as a dystopian god empress

justben gave me this prompt: What is the most important-to-you-right-now thing you've learned in the last six months? How did you learn it, and why is it important to you right now?

That my perceptions can be WILDLY incorrect. I knew that sort of generally, but I'd gotten used to being very perceptive and getting lots of "yeah that's what's going on" feedback, and then I talked with several people I was close to years ago and realized that back then I had never asked if my perceptions were true, and it turns out I went long periods of time on absolutely wrong perceptions. I think I mostly have the habit of asking if I am correct in what I think is going on now, but Topaz helped me see that a clue to being wrong is when I interpret something the same way every time. That was pretty shocking and cool to realize, because if I think "this behavior always means this thing" then I never think to double-check with the person to see if that is what their behavior actually means. So I found a new red flag for bad communication.

Also, learning that I am unskilled at unprompted openness in real-time. That was new knowledge and gave me a whole new thing to practice. I have a goal of sharing some unprompted meaningful thought (with a person who is not my lover) in real time every day.

Alfred gave me these prompts: describe a dystopian vision of the future & You are God Empress of Earth. What do you do?
Hmm, dystopia. Hmmm, God Empress. I'm combining these two. I'd set all the incarcerated-who-didn't-attack-people-of-less-power free and round up all the true criminals & unrepentant defaults/near-defaults and send them to Feminist Boarding School for the Criminally Patriarchal (which you can graduate from, but it's damn hard, nothing like the easy shit they went through at their ivy league coddling schools. Oh, and you have to self-educate, then pass tests set by non-defaults: if you fail try again, ain't no one gonna drag you up, ain't no buying your way out of this one). I'd make nothing illegal except infringing on a living being's will, hoarding resources, and/or damaging the environment unnecessarily and on purpose, and while I'm an omnipotent omniscient deity, I'd be the only one who got to judge if that happened. It would be FUCKING CHAOS and the world would be so much better. I'd set a curse on the earth so that if any tried to exert power over another without their consent (omniscient exceptions for parents unless they're being abusive assholes), that person automatically got covered in painful boils for a week. If they try it again, painful boils for a month. Try it again and you get SMOTE. Lightning, dead. Better learn to ask and negotiate, I am not a merciful godde and I know your intentions. I'd set up new governance such that prepubescent children got to decide (initially with my guidance) if someone broke the law or not, and how to punish them. One generation later, all children are raised communally so that there can actually be consensual parenting relationships (children old enough to communicate choose who they want to guide them, from a pool of people who consent to parent). After those children were raised I'd consider my work done. The curse stays though, since otherwise there'd be some shitheads trying to rule.
Tags: growth, openness, social justice / feminism, topaz, writing prompts

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