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prompts 23, 24: my 3 perfect instruments / my first tattoo! and more tattoo desires

Prompt from topaznebula: If you could select three instruments (voice can be one if desired), any instruments, to be able to perfectly and masterfully play, which would you pick and why?
voice -- because I feel like if I could sing, I could write music, and I feel like I'd be good at coming up with the lyric-line. I'd write about what mattered to me, and people could take it in better as song.
hand drums (like conga drums, djembes, hapi drum, the bohran) -- because they mean so much to me, and I feel like if I knew that I knew how to do it I would drum a LOT because the main thing that stops me is feeling like I can't because I don't know things.
upright bass -- because it is an instrument that gives me shivers and I feel like if I had one and knew how to play it, it would become one of my closest friends.

from darkestgarden: since you mentioned wanting multiple tattoos in your march 4th post, could you tell us what the possibilities are, how you chose them, and what they mean to you?

I'll give an update to this previous post on the subject: I just got my first tattoo nine days ago!

it's still healing:

and in context of my body:

"question thoroughly / share nakedly" is my goal in life and in writing. I added the LJ icon because I wanted to reference my love for livejournal and how important it is as a force in my life. Is it easily recognizable? if not I want to fill in the color to make it more obvious. Also, it's in my handwriting because it's usually expressed through writing, with me.

more tattoos I want, divided by certainty and then put in the order I want to get them:


left deltoid/shoulder/arm:
a cluster of five-pointed stars of various colors, each star representing a person who has made an impact on my life and the size of each star representing the depth of the impact.

the back of my right wrist:
the words "intersectional / feminist" (slashes are line breaks) with this symbol above it.

the back of my left wrist:
the words "right to knowledge" with a wi-fi symbol above it and a 7-pointed crown of seshat behind it. (I want to get this one and the right wrist one on the same day)

right deltoid:
a black-outlined Quaker 8-pointed star as a 4-point over a 4-point, with a black eye of Horus in the center. The top, diagonal 4-point would have swirls of color from each point, circling around the eye -- green from NW, red from NE, blue from SE, violet from SW. On the bottom, perpendicular star arms would be symbols: a violet feather for openness/honesty on the north, a blue equals sign for equality on the west, a green ankh for reverence on the east, and a red tree for love/interconnectedness on the south. like this, only not sketchy and badly drawn.

center chest, just below collarbone:
Ka symbol with a tree inside it.


on my back, 2 inches below the shoulder line in the center:
a sheela-na-gig who looks half plant and has a figure similar to mine (except the exaggerated vulva of course). Open eyes looking straight ahead, with a smile revealing feline teeth, head tilted down just a little. Skin patterned like leaf veins, no hair.

tree tattoo with realistic bark and abstract green for leaves, with visible roots going down my butt and water around the roots. sorta like this (this one is a maybe because it will be SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE)

Right shoulderblade:
realistic Renenutet, with tail curling around and down the tree trunk.

Left shoulderblade:
a waterstar, in violet edges with water reflection patterns inside

front right shoulder:
the words "bite the sun" stacked, slanting diagonally towards my sternum

front left shoulder:
the words "share the day" stacked, slanting diagonally towards my sternum
Tags: music, self-decorating, spirituality, writing prompts

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