Belenen (belenen) wrote,

rambles: productive day feels like not enough

This is filler because I feel like I can't go to sleep until I write but I can't organize my thoughts either. I didn't get much sleep last night. BUT. I got to class on time, and dropped off a resume at a place I really want to work, and tidied lots and did laundry and freshened my bed, and hung out with my wonderful friend Kei-Won-Tia (who came a long way to see me!), and DID MY TAXES which I was so fucking nervous about I'd been putting it off for two weeks while planning to do it almost every day, and then finalized my fafsa, sent it all, BAM. Very productive day. Yet somehow I still feel like I got nothing done because there was such a giant pause in the middle of the day where I was trying to do stuff and not being able to just go. I think when that happens I need to just stop pushing, because it's my brain trying to rest. I always want to do stuff NOW. I wanted to write for real and do lots of photo editing and put new stuff on tumblr. Perhaps tomorrow. Hey I finally replaced my 'hypnotiq' icon (had been meaning to since someone took me to task for not being considerate to people with epilepsy (gif warning on that link) -- in the meantime I just didn't use it) and bonus -- it's from one of my fractals.

Gonna try to sleep now.
Tags: add-pi

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