Belenen (belenen) wrote,

my attitude about money, sidenote: gifting things

Because of the reasons listed here, if you're going to give me anything, I will feel the most loved if it is something you bought secondhand or made, generally speaking. I prefer things bought secondhand because that means: 1) I don't have to fret that the company getting profit is one that does evil, that I have indirectly contributed to in this way, 2) you didn't spend unnecessary money, which I find upsetting because it is waste, and 3) the item has history (especially true for books). This isn't a rule by any means! It's just a preference. And there are some things I would love that are simply not sold used (like the gorgeous glass orb in my icon which kmiotutsie gave me, stones, artwork, etc). I don't get upset when people get me new things, I'm just extra happy if they're secondhand (if it's a thing that can be bought secondhand).

HOWEVER this also pertains to me GIVING gifts. If you would prefer a gift to be new and/or bought instead of made, please let me know. I don't give gifts of new things very often: if I do it's usually something consumable, fragile (thus doesn't make it intact to the thrift store) or not sold used. Regardless, it's almost always bought for a very low price. This is because I consider the 'finding' to be the center of the gift, not the spending. I am very very good at thrifting; I just have the intuition and thoroughness to go at the right times and spot the right things. I often make a desire for a thing and find it the next time I look, or I just keep a person in mind and I find something that suits them really well. It's not infallible but it is fairly reliable.
Tags: giving, money

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