Belenen (belenen) wrote,

school stress

I've been writing less recently because I've been feeling swamped by school, and doing a lot of distracting to cope. My stats class has only 5 graded pieces for the whole semester and 3 of them are due the last two weeks of the semester. Even though I find the second half of the material a lot easier, just the fact that I could get an A or completely flunk and not know it until the final grades are in is exhausting and terrifying. I did finish my homework early (just have to give it one more look-over before I submit it) and I do have two whole days to finish my final project, and the final exam is mostly on stuff I like and am good at, but UGH at having no real concept of how well I am doing in the class. My other two classes are not stressful for me except that they take time I could be spending on stats.

I did manage to clean today at least. I have some stuff I want to write on but my brain is fried so I am going to go to sleep and hope to write when I wake up.
Tags: other-directed education

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