Belenen (belenen) wrote,

unusual uses of words/phrases typical to me: default, poopsicle, pripoi, slush/focus, nnta, welks, #

"what's your number?" -- a way of gauging relative desire. If I want to go to the movies and you want to go bowling, we compare numbers from -5 (super-loathe) to +5 (desperately-want). If I am a +5 on movies and you're a +1 on bowling, we'll go to the movies -- unless I'm a 0 on going bowling and you're a -5 on going to the movies (because in that case I can still be happy with bowling since it will make you happy but you can't be happy with movies). It's a more efficient way of asking how much you want to do or avoid something.

default -- (n. or adj.) white cisgender heterosexual male non-disabled neurotypical non-poor person, or a person who lacks only one of those privileges. It's a quick way of saying "relatively quite privileged."

poopsicle -- (n.) imagine it's a hot day and someone gives you a fudgesicle. It has that frosty sheen on the sides and you know it's going to be so cool and creamy and make the heat actually feel good because you'll be all refreshed inside. So you take a bite, and it turns out to be made of warm poop coated in a fine mold. Now apply that feeling of hideous disgust and happiness-become-revulsion to a person. They're a poopsicle. Most people are only occasionally a poopsicle, but some make it a full-time job.

pripoi -- (adj.) privilege-poisoned. People are pripoi when they can't relate to, acknowledge as valid, or respect people who do not have their privileges.

"slush time" -- time that is not one thing or the other, time that passes without meaning. Usually this is in the context of a relationship, when you are spending time in each others presence but not really 'together.'

"focus time" -- the opposite of slush time: time spent with the deliberate, mutual intention of connectedness and learning each other.

nnta -- "no need to apologize." I got sick of saying this phrase so I shortened it.

welks -- "you're welcome" (a shorter cuter way of saying it)

ridic -- short for ridiculous, my favorite dismissal word.
Tags: communication / words, lovetech

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