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love memory bank 2 - Topaz, Heather, Kei-Won-Tia, J, Abby, Kylei, Roger, Hannah, Anika, Ben, etc

I haven't been keeping up but I just was reminded in a sort of roundabout way by kiwi of how important it is to remember the good, so here's the latest from my love memory bank (and I have set an alarm on my phone to check it daily)

Last summer: a crack of thunder startled Topaz and ze lept into my arms, literally, clinging like a koala. It was the cutest damn thing ever and made me feel super loved and trusted.
Topaz wrote me the sexiest lyric which may become a song
Heather drives (alone) to my house for intimacy practice
Topaz says my mouth feels like home after we get lost in amazing kisses
Topaz makes me delicious dinner w quorn and spinach and cheese and amazing mushrooms
Kei-Won-Tia invites me over and talks with me, listening closely.
Topaz makes an LJ!!! <3 just to read my journal and comment!
J sends me presents! A pendant with zir energy from much wearing, and an amazing bracelet ze made, with a letter explaining both! <3
Topaz takes me home to write then brings me back for cosmos, which we watch connected and teary-eyed
Topaz makes french press and leaves half for me!
Aurilion shares stuff that is difficult for zir to be open about, we talk for a long time and ze hears me
When I go to stone soup, Kylei and Heather are excited to see me and give me cuddles, Seth hugs me happily, others greet me, I have a cool conversation with Sam about being socialized to think we were bad at science.
Topaz made me DELICIOUS breakfast with blueberry sweetbread and orange slices and tomato slices and pickles and spinach-egg-goat-cheese-tomato-on-english-muffin. AND French press!!!
Kei-Won-Tia comes over -- drives 2 hours to visit for an hour and a half!
Topaz makes me deliiiiiicious breakfast!
Kei-Won-Tia takes me to the airport! on short notice and everything. We have a quick breakfast at copper coin and talk about important things <3
Don't remember day order of things, but I have meaningful talks with Abby, Kylei, and Roger, and feel noticed and valued and loved by them.
Meet Cordelia who talks with me about important things and later sees me upset and offers comfort and understanding.
Heather starts writing more -- long entries too! -- and shares with me <3 it makes me feel super happy and loved!
Spend 8 hours with Kylei, talking and cuddling and reconnecting deeply for the first time since we broke up.
Hang out with Topaz and Sydney and talk about spiritual things, Sydney tells me ze sees me as having a pure aura and shares with me very openly, I feel accepted into the connection between Topaz and Sydney and feel valued and listened-to.
Hannah and I start emailing more and I start to feel hopeful about that.
Anika comes to intimacy practice via Skype and shares openly which makes me feel invested-in and loved.
I meet Heather for coffee and talking and feel so connected <3
Kylei comes OTP to meet me and we go to sweettom and park-hopping and hold hands and take photos and it feels like adventures and no pressure and happy.
Ben responds in a thread about privilege and "PC police" and is supportive and it encourages me and makes me feel better.
Tags: abby, hannah, heather, hope, kylei, love memory bank, sunny, those passing through, topaz

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