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PJ *offered* to pray for me

I talked to Pastor John after church, and he told me that ever since he first met me (about 7 or 8 years ago) he has had the impression that the most important thing to me is hearing God. Oh, that was so encouraging! To have a man that I respect SO much tell me that he thinks of me as having an insatiable thirst for knowing God. That my passion for God is my defining characteristic. It is true, but not everyone sees that. (Especially since my biofather told me (when I asked him his honest opinion of me) that HE sees me as selfish, irresponsible, and a liar. What a difference, eh?) ...and after that, PJ offered to pray for me, and he and Dragon laid hands on me and prayed. I felt so loved and honored. It meant a lot to me that he out-of-the-blue offered to pray for me -- when I had just gone to ask him a question about the sermon, not about any of my problems.

*lots of little smiles*

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