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3 most recent favorite tribe memories -- Solstice 2013, writing with friends this Feb, TBC 2014

keiwontia asked "What are your three favorite friendship / tribe memories, of the last two years?" Favorite is too hard because of my terrible memory so I will go with the three most recent that stand out.

Solstice 2013 was definitely one of them: Topaz, Kylei, Abby, Roger, Aurilion, Locke, Allison and zir Whitney, Heather and zir Brian, me, Camellia and zir Jude -- all the locals I felt tribe with at that time plus Abby and Aurilion who made travel plans so they could come from CT and NC. I made a giant pot of spaghetti sauce and pasta and everyone had food (and alcohol if they wanted it), and we piled all the pillows and blankets on the floor and had a giant cuddle pile, and we played the most unwieldy game of truth or truth (and used a little bell to get the drunkies back to attention), and I gave presents that felt totally right and made people happy, and people gave me sweet presents, and it was just so perfect. It was the best holiday of my life (so far).

And February of this year, when I did a streak of writing and invited people I loved to join me, and several people gave it a shot, it made me feel so connected and much closer and gave me hope. I felt home on LJ again.

Then TBC this year. Adi and Abby and Roger all went, and it felt like going home. I felt happy that TBC was important to Abby and Adi, and happy that Roger went for the first time. TBC is incredibly important to me and ideally I'd take my whole tribe!

Also the last two intimacy practices have felt that way. I feel like people are valuing and prioritizing it, and investing in each other more than in the past. I feel so fucking loved that these people are investing in each other. I think it makes me feel more loved even then them investing in interactions with me! I think that will change over time but for now, it's a new kind of showing love that I've never had in an intentional way, and it feels really, really nourishing. Seriously. It happened accidentally way back in the day when I had a little tribe here on LJ of mutual friends who all loved and invested in each other, and I hadn't realized how much of that was because they invested in each other as well as in me.
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