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[[for those of you new to my journal: if the post has "(wrnng: sx)" as the subject, that means it's about sex with my husband. So avoid if you desire.]]

Most of today was excruciatingly boring. I got up when Ben did, but there wasn't much to do, so at 12 I went back to bed, then at 2:20 he got home for lunch and I got out of bed, was bored all day until he came home.
Then my day started... I made dinner and we ate, he played CS while I painted, then we read together (different books) and got ready for bed.

The yummy part? He played intricate riffs on my nipples, and finally sucked them while I stroked myself to orgasm.... That was the first time we've done that -- it was very very satisfying. I wish I could teach him how to pull and hold against my g-spot in the way I instinctively can. Maybe his fingers are just too long. Anyway, it's neither more or less satisfying than sex, just totally different. I like it muchly.

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