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petting me= happy, sweetheart girl!!!

oh hold me and heal me;
keep my heart in your hands...
oh hold me and heal me;
keep my heart in your hands...

For the past four days, Ben has been petting me for between 45 minutes and 2 hours every day. He runs his hands over me, like you would pet a kitty... all over. It has made a profound change in me! I'm so content and in love -- I have never felt so loving toward Ben. And I feel like serving everybody -- not for praise or anything, just for the sake of doing it.

For instance, today (Wednesday) I cleaned our room, did laundry, organized the pantry/storage closet, stacked the dishwasher and then put away the dishes and stacked them again(mostly John and Ellen's dishes), made tea, cleaned the coffeemaker and left it for J&E to use, organized the refridgerator and the freezer, cooked my famous taco meat, made dinner, and added glow paint to Kristen's present. ---All of that was for other people (except half the dinner of course). I'm not usually so happy to serve.

I am such a physical touch person! If Ben keeps this up (as I desperately hope he will) I'm going to be the most balanced, loving, giving person on the whole freakin' planet!!! I want to kiss everybody!!!
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