Belenen (belenen) wrote,

PSA: teenager bodies are not adult bodies so stop trying to look like a teen if you're an adult

[body talk, food talk, size changes]If you ate healthily (as in, 'did not have an eating disorder,' not as in 'ate only salads') and were active when you were 25-26, that's the minimum size of your adult body. Trying to get smaller than that is going to cause your body to suffer. And if you're not yet 26, your body is going to keep on changing because you are not grown up yet. Most humans change shape between adolescence and adulthood (which doesn't start until your mid-twenties!). Please, please stop trying to look like a teenager. That is not seeking health, it is seeking a look at the cost of health. Very few people are naturally the same size from 19 to death. (and those people are not 'lucky' they are just unusual. don't fetishize their bodies)
Tags: body image, rants

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