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It's been 90 degrees in my house all day. The air conditioner's compression coil is broken, according to the person who looked at it today. Now I have to wait for M to decide it is important enough to spend money on and then for them to fix it. It's painfully hot because I only have a ceiling fan in here and the other fan has to be downstairs to bring some of the cooler air up here (I hope, who even knows if its working). I need this fixed because I feel like I can't breathe and I'm so exhausted just from the heat that I can't get anything done. Even the idea of going out to a place that does have air conditioning sounds like the worst chore, because I'd have to put clothes on my sticky sweaty body. Also I'm out of meds because the wellstar replacement for the KSU office organizer person is crap. I don't know how much of this blarghCAn'T is heat and how much is med-lack. The only reason I've been able to write this entry is that dark brought a temp drop -- it's 82 outside and probably 87 inside. I'm letting all the bugs in so I can blow in some cool air :-[

Oh, and the a/c has been broken for at least 3 weeks. it's just been in the mid-80s instead of 90. I can handle mid-80s pretty well but this is too much. I like heat generally, but I hate it when there is no escape and almost no breeze. I need another fan at least, and now.
Tags: bits n pieces, chemtrails

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