Belenen (belenen) wrote,

LJ matchmaking! 2014 part 2!

I chose only people who are currently fairly active and who I feel I can guess at what they would like to see on their friends page. If you want me to recommend someone for you to add, comment and ask and I'll take a stab at it, but it may be random if I don't know you well or don't have an obvious match come to mind. Also, if you have a particular way of friending and don't ever want to be included on this, lemme know.

keiwontia, you requested so you get most recommendations: tangledaxon and ladywind and kmiotutsie and chillychilly22 and hands_cupped

camilleyun meet writing_adrift
wildrose meet hands_cupped
aliki meet nucleosides
mac_arthur_park meet wolfteaparty
keypike meet raoin
anrui_ichido meet left_harangue meet fayriekisses (yes I intended to make a triangle)
chillychilly22 meet llama_friendly
antuvschle meet cheshire23
kiwi meet tikva
butterbyitself meet ohelectricshock
Tags: lj friends

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