Belenen (belenen) wrote,

show me your face please! I'll make you an icon if you want / icons from when I last offered

Please comment with a recent photo of your face! I am having a hard time remembering who everyone is, with all these lovely newbies ;-) this will be my reference post. I have screened comments in case you don't want to share with more than just me. Also please answer questions 2 and 3! I'd love to make portrait icons for those who want them ;-)

1) photo or link to photo:
2) A - you can unscreen. or B - keep it screened please.
3) A - please make an icon from this! or B - no thanks.

Secondly, here are all the icons from my last offer:
write queer serenity2a confusion1a brave
^ for bunnika, last one for roina_arwen

sabr3 sabr2 sabr1
^ for sabr.

pride - belfast4 pride - belfast3 pride - belfast2 pride - belfast1
the rainbow building ones are for roina_arwen and bunnika

kittyfaces4b kittyfaces4a kittyfaces3 royal-portuguese-cabinet-of-reading kittyfaces2b kittyfaces2 kittyfaces1 thelibrary-571786
^ for wildrose

hammersickle3e hammersickle3d hammersickle3c blackpower2bb blackpower2b blackpower2a blackpower1a 600BlackFist-Tree1b 600BlackFist-Tree1a
^ for left_harangue

fork-in-the-road1c fork-in-the-road1b fork-in-the-road1a Shaneera Smith2 Shaneera Smith
(Shaneera Smith is the model) ^ for queerbychoice

classicalwolf3b classicalwolf3a classicalwolf2 classicalwolf1
^ for classical_wolf, artists are Gustave Courbet, Tamara de Lempicka, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
Tags: icons, lj friends, photos

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