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All the music that matters to me: Azure Ray, Cocorosie, M.I.A., Noe Venable, PJ Harvey, Neulander...

Life-changing, soul-etched, cynosure, trulymadlydeeply loved, would definitely cry a shitton at their shows, love the artists as well as the music:
Azure Ray -- indie dream-pop/folk -- Athens, GA
Bat For Lashes* -- indie rock/folktronica -- London, England
Cocorosie* -- experimental electric/folk -- France, Iowa, Hawaii, etc.
Dream Art Science -- electronic/reggae/kemetic -- San Francisco, CA
Massive Attack* -- trip-hop -- Bristol, England
M.I.A. -- hip-hop/electronic -- Hounslow, Greater London, England
Michael Jackson -- pop -- Gary, IN
Neulander -- electronica -- New York and London
Noe Venable -- folk -- San Francisco, CA
PJ Harvey* -- folk rock -- Bridport, Dorset, England
The Cranberries/Dolores O'Riordan -- alternative rock -- Limerick, Ireland

Existed in the same category as above, but some of the lyrics now feel alienating with their specificity.  There's nothing bad about them, they just remind me that now I am rejected by the place I used to consider home.
The Benjamin Gate****** -- christian alternative rock -- Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Massivivid (only Brightblur) -- christian industrial -- Champaign, IL

Almost as important, but I treasure the music as a thing outside of myself, rather than a thing that has become inextricably a part of me.
8mm --  trip-hop -- Los Angeles, CA
Adam Lambert (only For Your Entertainment so far) -- pop-rock -- San Diego, CA
Angie Aparo -- rock/folk -- Atlanta, GA
Au Revoir Simone -- dream-pop/hypno-folk -- Brooklyn, NY
Austra* -- dreampop/electronic -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Banks -- dreampop/trip-hop -- Los Angeles, CA
Butterfly Boucher -- alternative rock/folk -- Adelaide, Australia
Darren Hayes/Savage Garden -- pop/rock -- Brisbane, Australia
Deepika/Deeyah -- electro/world/ambient -- Oslo, Norway
Dragonette* -- synthpop -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
E.S. Posthumus -- modern classical/ambient -- Los Angeles, CA
Elsiane (only Hybrid so far) -- minimalist trip-hop -- Montréal, Canada
Fever Ray/The Knife (so far only Fever Ray) -- trip-hop -- Nacka, Sweden
Florence + The Machine -- indie rock -- London, England
Flunk -- trip-hop -- Oslo, Norway
Halou -- dream-pop/trip-hop -- San Francisco, CA
Heather Nova -- alternative rock/folk -- Bermuda
Laura Veirs* -- folk -- Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lenka -- alternapop -- Bega, New South Wales, Australia
Lykke Li -- dreampop -- Ystad, Skåne, Sweden
Marina and the Diamonds* -- electropop -- Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, Wales
Melissa Ferrick (only Freedom) -- folk/rock -- Ipswich, MA
MGMT (only Oracular Spectacular) -- synthpop -- Middletown, CT
Missy Higgins -- folk -- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Mute Math** -- alternative rock -- New Orleans, LA
My Brightest Diamond (only Bring Me the Nighthorse) -- indie/folk/alternative -- New York City, NY
Orenda Fink -- folk/dreampop -- Birmingham, AL
Sia -- indie folk/pop --  Adelaide, South Australia
Shiny Toy Guns (ONLY We Are Pilots) -- indie rock/electronic -- Los Angeles, CA
Silversun Pickups -- alternative/electronic rock -- Los Angeles, CA
Sonia Leigh*** -- country/folk -- Molena, Georgia
Stateless -- trip-hop -- Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
t.A.T.u. -- electronic/dance-pop -- Moscow, Russia
Tonic -- alternative rock -- Los Angeles, CA
The Kills -- indie rock -- London, England
The Notwist (only Neon Golden) -- electronic -- Weilheim in Oberbayern, Germany
Under Byen -- indie post-rock -- Aarhus, Denmark
Zoe Keating* -- ambient/instrumental/experimental -- Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Also love and listen to a great deal, but don't feel intimate with:
A Fine Frenzy -- pop -- Los Angeles, CA
Ani Difranco** -- folk -- Buffalo, NY
Auf Der Maur (only self-titled) -- alternative rock -- Montréal, Canada
Beats Antique* -- electronic/world/bellydance -- Oakland, CA
Blue Foundation -- electro dream-pop -- Copenhagen, Denmark
Cinephile -- trip-hop -- Glasgow, Scotland
Clark -- electronic -- St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Data Romance -- dream-pop/electronic -- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dead Can Dance* -- world fusion/gothic rock -- Melbourne, Australia
Deep Forest -- electronic/world -- north France
Enigma -- world/new age/electronica -- Germany, Spain, etc.
Esthero -- trip-hop -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fauxliage/Delerium -- electronic/ambient -- Vancouver, Canada
Feist -- indie folk-pop -- Amherst, Canada
Fiona Apple -- alternative rock -- Manhattan, NY
Imogen Heap / Frou Frou -- folktronica/dream pop -- London, England
Goldfrapp -- electropop -- London, England
Grimes -- synthpop -- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Incubus (only Make Yourself) -- alternative rock/metal -- Calabasas, CA
Jamie Blake / Vixtrola -- alternative rock -- Chicago, IL
Jewel (only Pieces of You) -- folk/pop -- Homer, AL
Joseph LoDuca (only Xena & Hercules) -- film scores -- Detroit, MI
Kate Nash -- indie pop/rock -- London, England
-- folk/pop -- Cherokee Reservation, OK
Levi Weaver -- folk rock -- Fort Worth, TX
Lily Allen -- synthpop -- London, England
Little Dragon (only the self-titled so far) -- electronic -- Gothenburg, Sweden
Manna -- alternative rock -- Helsinki, Finland
Metric -- synthpop -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Miike Snow (only self-titled) -- synthpop -- Stockholm, Sweden
Phoenix -- synthpop -- Versailles, France
Portishead -- trip-hop -- Bristol, England
Rae Spoon -- folk -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Róisín Murphy -- synthpop -- Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland
Rorie Kelly -- rock/pop -- Long Island, NY
Sam Sparro -- synthpop -- Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sara Crawford**** -- folk -- Marietta, GA
Sergei Prokofiev (only Romeo & Juliet Op. 64) -- classical -- eastern Ukraine
The XX -- dreampop -- London, England
Venus Hum -- electronic --  Nashville, TN

Stuff that I listened to a ton at one point but don't really anymore except in nostalgic moods:
50 Cent (only Get Rich or Die Tryin') -- rap/hip-hop -- South Jamaica, Queens, NY
Apoptygma Berzerk -- electronic/synthpop -- Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad, Norway
Cake -- alternative rock --  Sacramento, CA
Daughter Darling -- trip-hop -- Philadelphia, PA
Fuel -- alternative rock -- Harrisburg, PA
God-des and She -- rap/hip-hop -- the midwest/TX
Goo Goo Dolls -- alternative rock -- Buffalo, NY
Jem -- electropop/rock -- Penarth, Wales
Jonezetta* (only Popularity) -- alternative rock -- Clinton, MS
Kate Havnevik* -- electropop -- Oslo, Norway
Kosheen (only Resist) -- electronic --  Bristol, England
La Roux --  synthpop -- London, England
Lifehouse* -- alternative rock -- Los Angeles, CA
Metallica* -- thrash metal (I don't like their speed metal) -- Los Angeles, CA
Muse -- alternative rock -- Teignmouth, Devon, England
Nine Inch Nails (only With Teeth) -- industrial -- Cleveland, OH
Stroke 9 (ONLY nasty little thoughts) -- alternative rock -- San Francisco, CA
The Postal Service (only Give Up) -- electropop -- Los Angeles, CA
*stars mean I have seen them live (1 star per occasion)

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bunnika ══╣╠══
kiwi ══╣Ritardando╠══
I think you're the first person I know who's ever mentioned Laura Veirs! I really like her - she has a concert in my neck of the woods at the end of August and if I have an income, I'm strongly considering going...(two hour ferry ride be damned!)
musical -- poetic
belenen ══╣musical -- poetic╠══
Yeah, I think recommended Veirs to me. I find such good music that way! I saw zir once but it was at a terrible venue where everyone was talking and not paying attention and it made me so angry I had a hard time enjoying the concert. I'd like to see zir again at a better venue!
blimeyzawn1 ══╣╠══
I'm curious about how your relationship to Ani Difranco has changed over the years, given the big plantation kerfuffle a few years back. Has that affected how you hear her music at all?
belenen ══╣disassociative╠══
yes. Ani is one of those where I appreciate the music but I don't admire the person. I can't connect on a deep level because of it. But that's partly because I only became aware of Ani shortly before the plantation thing -- if I had had years of investment I might feel differently.

Cocorosie is like that too, even though I love them so dearly. They still play a song that is both racist and transphobic. I didn't know the song when I heard them play it and I didn't note the lyrics, so maybe they changed up the lyrics when they play it nowadays but I can't tell and there is way to successfully get in contact with them (I tried).
keiwontia ══╣╠══
Thank you, for sharing this. <3
lodestar -- noe venable
belenen ══╣lodestar -- noe venable╠══
<3 you are most welcome. I would love to listen to music with you.
keiwontia ══╣╠══
Let us plan to lay and cuddle and listen to music and feel feelings. :)
OH, hey. There're a lot of the artists you listed that I'm familiar with or listen to myself.

Yaaaay PJ Harvey and Laura Veirs!
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.