Belenen (belenen) wrote,

how capitalism created a culture of people who cannot bear minor inconveniences

Capitalism created disposability (through creating way more objects than could ever be needed and creating objects that are meant to be used once and thrown away, because profit is more important than avoiding waste) and that, combined with advertising, results in a culture where people see inconvenience as not only something that can be avoided and should be avoided, but that inconvenience is wrong, not a natural part of life. Without capitalism pushing disposability, we would just take inconvenience as a part of life and accept that yeah, it's inconvenient to wash a container, but it's a better choice most of the time than using a one-time wrapper which will then be waste. etc. Pretty much all advertising is telling you "inconvenience? Don't stand for that! you deserve better!" so when we are faced with an inconvenience we feel not only inconvenienced, but insulted, because our capitalism-given 'right' to never be inconvenienced is being taken away. People who are used to being able to afford conveniences actually feel that they are being disrespected and disenfranchised by inconvenience.

Capitalism feeds on itself by creating poor people who have no time who then require these 'conveniences' in order to scrape by with any energy left for emotional survival. When people are forced into drudgery the majority of their waking life, an inconvenience becomes far more than that. For instance, if it takes the last bit of your energy to do the dishes, if you want to connect with your kids you simply cannot do the dishes. Those disposable bags become the way for you to cope with the system that reduces you to needing them.
Tags: social justice / feminism

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