Belenen (belenen) wrote,

random: how I shield from negative energy / processing vs support / finding people who click w you

on shielding:
I don't really shield much because I like to feel intensely. Instead if I am feeling bad I check to see if there is a cause in my life, and if there isn't, I assume I picked up someone else's feelings. I'll clear them out by taking deep breaths and envisioning breathing out the negative feeling and bringing in positive, or by burning incense, or by shaking bells. Sometimes I envision sending down roots to the center of the earth, burying them in plasma, and having bolts of bright energy come up the roots and burn out anything that isn't good for me.

When I know I am going to be in a place where I will need to shield, I tell myself affirmations. I repeat several times "I am calm and nothing can harm me" or "I am safe and whole" or something similar while envisioning a protective bubble forming around me and then thickening to only let good in.

When I am in the moment and feel waves of someone else's feelings coming at me, I envision myself pushing it away, and will often do a small gesture to make this more real to myself (like, just holding my palm vertical to the floor and flicking my fingers from touching my palm to straight up). Then I do the bubble thing, with eyes closed, just visualizing it.


on processing being interrupted by support:
When I haven't fully processed an issue, support (which usually means the person deciding that something is bad and pushing against it 'with' or 'for' me) can be really upsetting. Which is why I don't often share things that I haven't fully processed, because I don't want people forming judgements that I will then have to undo in order to figure out how I feel about it. I don't really know how to guard against that.

The thing I would most like would be to be able to share my confused beginning feelings and have someone ask me questions that help me turn the situation in a lot of directions to get more understanding.


on finding people who will click with you in a meaningful way:
As you develop, the person who would fit with you changes, so a person who fits with you today won't fit anymore in three months unless you are at a stable place in your life or they happen to be growing in similar/compatible ways.

How to find them? my best luck has been them coming into my life as a result of being very open and honest. All the best people in my life came in for that reason. I initiated so few of my connections, or if I did initiate, it was in such small ways. (most things I initiate seem to fail, yet I keep trying -- hopefully I will learn the trick of it!) I imagine that whatever value or quality you most want in a partner, radiate that as much as you can, and they will come to you.
Tags: connections, energy handling, magic, questions, recovery / therapy / healing, spirituality

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