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Why did I hit the update button? I dunno. Well, I have a lot to do tomorrow and I ought to be sleeping. I'm excited about making El's necklace, I have the design set up and I just got the last info I needed, so I can make it! I went kinda wild with getting beads for it, but it doesn't matter that much 'cause I'll use all of them eventually. I wish I had restraint in craft stores... sigh. But anyway it's gonna be awesome!!! And Paula has commissioned me for a pair of barefoot thongs AND a necklace and earrings. I've been waiting for HER specifics (she wanted to get the dress first) and now I have about 2 weeks to do all that. Craziness. I have my method down for necklaces, but the barefoot thongs take me forever, since I've only done 2 pairs so far. ANyway. I'm gonna be majorly busy.

I just remembered I have an science exam tomorrow... if the quiz was any indication, it should be easy, but I'm gonna study a little anyway. Or at least read the review sheet once.

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully remember to talk about my awesome group in art 1107.

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