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greg burns; praising in adversity

My faith was strengthened when Greg Burns spoke at Liberty today -- he was just so alive and FULL of genuine, stare-down-evil faith. (not the vacillating, cautious type some people seem to espouse) It strengthens me just to know that some people are like that.

Plus, I made myself stand and sing during worship, and discovered that there is supernatural at work during the act of singing praise -- by the end of the song I meant what I was singing, even though I didn't know and didn't especially like the song. It became real by me stepping out in faith and doing it when I didn't feel it. --and then Greg Burns preached on that very thing. He said there are three codes to unlock access to all of God's gifts; faith, adversity (mainly, praising and having faith during trial), and unity.

It's awesome to me how God has used Spencer in my life to change my image of black men. Now I tend to see them as father figures rather than (as I was previously taught) extra-sexual agressors. I love my spiritual Daddy.

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