Belenen (belenen) wrote,


icon: "giving (two cartoon figures: one fills in a heart with red marker on its chest while the other watches. Then the other points at it and "...?" appears as a thought above it. The one with the heart on it smiles and glomp-hugs the other, who looks startled, then blushes and hugs back. The first one pulls away again and the heart has been copied onto the second one's chest. both smile. image repeats.)"

If you don't like being nudged on LJ, please tell me, because I love that feature. I like being nudged too. If I nudge you, it means I really love reading your posts and want more! but I am not at all bothered if you completely ignore the nudge, I won't notice because I have a bad sense of time and a shit memory. So please never feel obligated or bad about not posting in response *smiles*
Tags: lj friends, lj my beloved home

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