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intuitive awakening / intuition log / 16th spiritual birthday / rearranging house w Topaz / address?

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I had an intense two weeks, with trying to get meds (which I finally got this past Wednesday!) and doing two huge projects for school. The second one I was supposed to have to the school's print shop by the Friday before last but I just didn't have the time or brainpower to the the project finished until almost a week later. So I was prepared to have to have a ugly one (since black and white is $10 to print and color is $70+) but once I finished I thought it couldn't hurt to ask and I emailed them and asked if I could still have mine printed. This was about 7am, so I set an alarm for noon and went to sleep. At 10:50 I woke up on my own and felt the urge to check my email. While I was looking at one, a response came in from the print shop - yes, I could have it printed, but I had to have it in within the hour (as in, before noon). So I got up and sent it in. I feel super encouraged and happy about the fact that my intuition is so on-point right now that I woke up and checked my email AS THE PERSON WAS WRITING to me, and I was successful whereas my planned time would have been too late.

Which brings me to a new project I have started - an intuition log. I have a little notebook I keep with me and when I sense something I write it in there and leave a space. If I can't find out whether it was meaningful or not, I mark it as "neutral" and if I can, I mark it as "confirmed" or "mistaken." My hope is that this will help me to get a better sense of an accurate feeling versus a mistaken one, and help me to be more aware in a day-to-day way of the way my intuition functions in my life, and help me to notice more.

My spiritual birthday just passed - November 13th. This marks the 16th year since I decided to actively pursue spiritual growth. On my spiritual birthday I like to do something that resonates spiritually for me, but I didn't get to do that this year. I probably could have arranged something after my plans with Kylei fell through, but I was deeply nervous about Friday (when I had to wear a normal person costume and present my work to a bunch of people) so I just finished up things for the presentation and got myself a spiritual birthday present - metallic gellyroll pens plus two more pens, which ended up costing me $13. I'm going to use them in my book of magic. I would have preferred the stardust gellyroll pens but they didn't even carry them, so I couldn't use my 40% off coupon.

I'm so intensely relieved that these past two weeks are over. I haven't quite shaken off the stress yet but it's starting to lift. I still can't believe I have meds now. I feel like I have a chance to be successful when I had kinda resigned myself to utter failure forever. I didn't even realize that was the case until it wasn't anymore.

Topaz has been rearranging and reorganizing everything in zir house and I've been helping some, and it feels so so so good in the rooms that have gotten the most attention. They were both rooms where the ex-roommate had stayed, and the energy was really stale and bitter because of the way the ex-roommate had acted in the last two months they were here. I really didn't like going into either of them because of how bad they felt to me but I didn't realize why until everything started changing. The living room has just been finished and it feels SO GOOD in there now. This has also made me realize that the energy in my living room got clogged with all the things that are in there but rarely or never used, so I plan to move the less-used crafting things and half-finished crafts to the basement room and move the piano into the bedroom downstairs. It only gets used for about 15 minutes every two months (by Kylei) and it takes up a lot of space, so it's better to not have it be in the heart of the house. I'm feeling excited about this and can't wait to have the next crafty party in a better space.

In other news, I want to send some cards, so if you're comfortable sharing, please give me your contact info -- you can skip any that you'd rather not answer! if you're not on my flist you can't fill it out there but you can email me or message me through LJ.
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