sharing some of my latest fractals

icon: "colors of the wind (my fractal "Colorflight")"

I realized I've shared these pretty much everywhere but here, so have some of my latest fractal art:


"Psychoactive Prism"
Abstract, overlapping trapezoidal shapes twist and clash with each other. The shapes are colored in very bright stripes of yellow, hot pink, teal, blue, and lime green. Some are chopped into ripples like waves on a shore, others are slanted so sharply they become lines rather than a shape. It could be a puddle of magic or amoebas dancing together. It's trippy and intriguing, wildly colorful but layered and subtle in line.

Apo7x64-140707-28 secret garden

"Secret Garden"
An angular, unevenly spiraling pattern of green and red forms this fractal. The background is black and the colors appear translucent against it, with flecks of brighter color. Near the bottom right is a cluster of red, orange, yellow, and green. The edges look like they fade into empty space.


"Ship of the Imagination"
An abstract fractal of goldenrod yellow and slate blue hovers in the center of a black background. The yellow swirls are roughly triangular and the slate blue forms a web-like pattern at the short end of the long yellow shape, and arcs up from the front of the narrow point of the triangle. It could be a spaceship or a sailing ship.


"Quercus (Oak tree)"
This abstract fractal of swirling spring green stands out against a black background, taking the form of a very full tree. Occasional lines of white and teal wisp through the branches evoking a feeling of mist or smoke. Arching roots, short trunk, and wide canopy appear to loop into each other with no beginning or end.


"Star Blooming"
This abstract fractal has a fiery 8-pointed star of orchid, capri blue and pale yellow emerging from a stem or perhaps a cocoon of bright yellow, orange, and red. If nebulae fruited in stars, this is what it would look like.


"The Musaeum at Alexandria"
This fractal towers with columns of black against which shine patterns of aqua, apricot, violet, and teal. A reflection thrown at the front might be light shining out from the open door of the massive building.

I LOVE knowing what other people see in my fractals, so if you see something different please share <3 I love how much these are about a person's interaction with them.

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queerbychoice ══╣╠══
In the oak tree one I see a woman's face, smiling and looking to the right and slightly downward, wearing a big hat. I can see a variety of other faces in it too, if I look for them enough, but that's the one that shows up most clearly to me.

In "Secret Garden" I see birds. Birds of all different shapes and sizes. Basically every single shape in it is a bird of one sort or another.
song_of_copper ══╣magritte╠══
These are amazing! :-)

'Psychoactive Prism' reminds me of light patterns on water (maybe there are traces of oil on the water, bringing the vivid colours).

I like the 3 parts converging in 'Quercus'. Like a Triskele seen from a strange angle?

'Star Blooming', at first glance, looked like an exotic bird.

With the other images, your own title/description tallies almost exactly with my impression. (I love the 'Ship of the Imagination'. Definitely my favourite.)
goddessofchaos ══╣╠══
Secret Garden looks like a dragon to me, an angular green dragon surrounded by fire.

Ship of the Imagination immediately made me think of a musical instrument, perhaps a saxophone.
siduri ══╣╠══
I think I see what you were seeing when you made them. I very much like these, I have been looking at them on and off this morning and they are very relaxing yet kinetic. And kind of suck you in, hypnotic in that way...
kiwi ══╣╠══
I'm in love with "Star Blooming".

I see an abstract, large-beaked bird in "Ship of the Imagination" and a dragon in "Secret Garden".
con_grazia ══╣╠══
These are really beautiful. Upon first look at the last one, without counting the columns, I immediately saw it as a Chanukah menorah (since I am currently using two in my living room) with peacock-like flaming candlelight. :)
alicroc ══╣╠══
volamonster ══╣╠══
lilywolfsolomon ══╣╠══
Love them. The one you call secret garden, I see a fierce warrior horse-dragon, like my patronus protector.
lilywolfsolomon ══╣╠══
In Star Blooming I see something like a heart, a divine royal heart with a crown. And the heart is like a star that burns inside of us, that we can make wishes on. :)
lilywolfsolomon ══╣╠══
The last one, I see the building but it's like an ancient organic architectural technology, like a grove.
antlered lady
meri_sielu ══╣antlered lady╠══
In your oak tree one I actually see a large bird rising and within it lots of other birds, in a vaguely celtic knotwork style... it's very intricate and intriguing.

The same again in your 'Ship of the Imagination', lots of birds but then the whole piece looks vaguely like a winged galloping horse. Very beautiful, thanks for sharing!
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.