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notes to various unnamed

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anonymous notes, most are advicey-things, take only if it resonates with you:

I hope you learn how to walk out of that cell. The door is not locked, you're just afraid of trying it and finding that it is locked.

I hope you maintain that wall. Your garden needs it to keep the wind from blowing away all your just-scattered seeds. At least let them take root.

Stop only looking at your needs in this interaction. Consider what is best for the other person; otherwise your actions are the OPPOSITE of loving. Stop, stop, stop. Don't make it all about you.

You are a brave soul and you can overcome this. I am pleased to be able to provide some support in this transformation. Keep on building yourself, I hope you don't get distracted!

You are lovable, you are worthy, you deserve all that is good. It WILL come to you, I know it, I feel it, but your doubt pushes it farther. It hurts to trust and be failed but it actually allows more growth in your life. Just distrusting will keep what you want from coming into your life.

Try. Don't tell yourself stories about how it is not worth it. Tell yourself stories about what could happen if your efforts succeed. I believe in you.

I hope you believe in me. I will give to you everything I can, when I have it. I have been running out every day lately, but my love has not diminished; it has grown. I hope you can ask for what you want and be happy with what I have to offer.
Tags: friendship, letters

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