Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Dream: leading, escaping cult, tricked by Aurilion, sentenced to execution, flying, battle

icon: "dreamy (painting of a person in a cage, reaching out with swirls of color and light coming from their hand)"

Dreamed that I went with my mom to a place selling plants, and there was a woman feeling bad, like they were too staticy or were gonna get hit by lighting. I told them I am good at grounding and offered my hand, and they took someone else's hand also and started circling around me. I first followed then stopped them and started leading, as heavy things began falling out of the sky and almost hitting us. I made us all dodge and be safe, then went back inside and my mom was there.

There was some kind of cult leader who was making everyone take suicide pills, I pretended to but didn't. I ran away with some others and came upon a place where the cult used to be, looking around this weird house that had a strange number of heights, and floors that could be pulled aside to let things (people) drop through. We got captured and taken to the main house, giant building.

Aurilion was there, and I was upset that they were ignoring me, I didn't interact directly. Aurilion eventually sat with me and handed me a strange device which I tried to figure out the use of. It was for sending messages and I realized they were trying to tempt me to send a message of help, I refused but because I trusted them I told them it was only to avoid punishment, so the leader came and had me taken off to be executed along with others.

The method was catapulting. But the person in charge of the catapult was one of my people and we had already planned for this. Some of us could fly occasionally. The catapulter was gentle with the little kids (all of us were under 18) and with me was very precise, throwing me to a far distance where someone was waiting to help me land gently. I landed, me and this other one put on camouflage, and we could both fly and flew back. We arrived to the battle already happening, and we slowly took over.

One interaction was one I had with a 20ish woman, who I shot with arrows but none of them went deep enough to kill right away. I was about to stab them with another when they rolled over and were like "I could have had you, you know" I knew (the people in charge told them to rape me). They told me they wanted to, but sex not rape and I said I know, that I wanted that too. They told me they were gonna die anyway, why was I still attacking and I said because they're probably in pain. They looked sad shocked and loved, and then I smashed their head with a heavy bottle and they died instantly.

I flew off to the main hall and did disarming of enemies, grabbed one kid and made them go eat. Up in the corner there was an invincible enemy and I convinced them to go home and come back and work for us when we won, or work for the others if they're still around but avoid the hassle. They required three of my people to carry them off home. At that point there was very little fighting left to do, I had the leader and their 2 or 3 closest totally surrounded and outnumbered. I woke up.
Tags: aurilion, dreams, dreamsymbols - flying, dreamsymbols - killing enemies, dreamsymbols - religion / cults, dreamsymbols - saving people from death

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