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active, thoughtful LJ friends: recommend your friends and yourself!

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I've had a number of friends saying that they want to find more active, thoughtful LJ friends. And I always want more friends who write about stuff like:

  • an interaction they had with someone that made them realize something new

  • their introspective, thorough, and specific take on concepts that are often assumed to be the same for everyone: friendship, romance, sex, gender, relationships, parenting, etc

  • an experience they had that conveyed deep meaning to them

  • their specific desires, especially ones that aren't common

  • their core values and how they live them

  • events in their past that shaped their present

  • previous intense relationships (friends, family, lovers)

  • their daily life and how they learn from it (not interested in a recap without the thoughts and feelings that went with it)

  • their spirituality and how they invest in it (ritual, meditation, prayer, self-education, etc)

Have some friends like this? recommend them in the comments! if you have a lot like this, pick a random set of eight or fewer.

You are an LJer like this? Fill this out!

also feel free to spread the word!
Tags: lj friends, meme

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