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poll - if I gave you a book, would you read it soon? & how do you feel about me sending you energy?

icon: "blossoming (willow arlenea painting of a person with long hair "blooming" out of a plant. Everything is translucent and there are energy lines running through it)"

random questions I've been meaning to ask:

if I gave you a fiction book, how likely would you be to read it WITHIN six months? be honest pls

less than 70%

if I gave you a NON-fiction book, how likely would you be to read it WITHIN six months? be honest pls

less than 70%

how do you feel about me doing energy work for / 'praying' for you?

I like that idea.
I'm indifferent.
I don't want that.
I only like that idea if I have asked for help with some specific issue, not generally.
other (explain in comments please)

The latter is because I'm considering a daily practice wherein I draw a name from a jar and send that person positive energy of some kind. I want to make a new set of paper coins for this but I don't want to include anyone who wouldn't like it.

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Bilbo - труба зовёт
kehlen ══╣Bilbo - труба зовёт╠══
The last point: I am uncertain about the jar idea. I understand what you mean, because I do the sending energy/praying thing as well, but I've had negative experiences with people trying to give me energy I did not need in the way they did. It sucked because I had no doubt of their good intentions.

So, thank you, but I prefer that you did not do it randomly (even though I also believe the such pickings are not 100% random).

If you otherwise feel like I might benefit from it though, I would be grateful (what I mean is, sometimes I at least feel like someone needs some,what little I candy give, and sometimes I don't know them well at all, but they just are on my mind. So if that or something on LJ does it).
kiwi ══╣╠══
The book bit for me is simply because at this point I'm just trying to make it through the day. Six months, though, and I'll be out of this job (God I hope I'll be out of this can I be thinking that two weeks in?!) and should have a life/energy/free time's just really hard to fathom that right now.
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣bluestocking╠══
fayriekisses ══╣╠══

If i gave you a fiction book, how likely would you be to read it WITHIN six months? 100%, I really enjoy fiction.

if I gave you a NON-fiction book, how likely would you be to read it WITHIN six months? It depends on the content. I love self help books. History books though, maybe 50%. All other, probably around 80%-100%.

how do you feel about me doing energy work for / 'praying' for you? I love that idea.

lilywolfsolomon ══╣╠══
I would say 80%? And if you expressed that it was really important to you that I read it, and asked me to read it by a certain date, that would be more like 100%. Because that's important to me. The only thing keeping me from reading it would be -- well, I'm in the middle of about 10 books right now and my attention is very fickle and having the attention span for a certain type of book is there and then suddenly it's not. You have my consent to pray, send energy, however/whenever you like.
slinkslowdown ══╣╠══
I'm not really a fan of fiction books, so it would proooooooobably be nearer to 0% for me. :C

But I lovelovelove non-fiction and would for sure read it.
hardigrin ══╣╠══
Kind of echoing Lily-- if you gave me a book and said it was important to you that I read it within the month, that would be 100% for fiction and 100% that I would read at least the first chapter of the nonfiction; I have a terrible completion rate for nonfiction. To read a book in more or less one go, the story and characters both have to be compelling and non-fiction rarely even tries for that. To read a book a little piece at a time, I really need some kind of external structure (yay classes).

Six months is too long of a timeframe--that's pretty much as far in the future as I can think at all right now, so saying six months would stick something immediately in the "later" part of my brain, which is not unlike the Bermuda triangle, except that it exists in some meaningful way.

On the jar-- I love the idea of being part of a meditation where you thought of me when my name came up. I'm twitchy at the idea of that being framed as sending energy or prayer...maybe we could talk later more about what that would mean for you and what kind of energy?
siduri ══╣╠══
I would love some good energy sent my way if you decide to do this. And asking is a very good thing...

I would have to know what the book would be so I did not respond to those questions...some books I read over a weekend, others take me...6 months. LOL.
fragbert ══╣╠══
I'm neither religious nor spiritual, so I am indifferent to the idea of someone 'praying for me.' So often, people use that as a replacement for actual effort on their part, because it's easier than actually getting up and doing something.

That being said, if someone I know says they're devoting time and mental energy on my behalf because they truly care, then I find that to be a very affirming thing and I appreciate their efforts.
delicatexflower ══╣fly╠══

ok, this is JUST creepy. i seriously just read this entry and way after i send you that pm on facebook about book & energy!
Florence in library
call_me_katya ══╣Florence in library╠══
I mostly read fiction. I have a pile of books in my house waiting to be read, but most of them are mine: Christmas presents or secondhand books I've bought for myself. If someone loans me a book or is waiting for me to read it so we can compare opinions I automatically bump it to the top of the pile. For non-fiction I would like to have the same rules, but I'm aware my incentive might not be as high, as I tend to find fictional stories really fulfilling so if it was non-fiction I might drift away from it halfway through, or pick and choose certain chapters. That would depend on the topic though.

I like the idea of the energy work and I'm happy to be a name in a jar! I've been trying to send positive energy to people during my Wednesday mediations, although I don't really know what I'm doing. It's something I'm becoming increasingly interested in.
raidingparty ══╣╠══
Books: If so instructed, I would indeed read it post-haste. If not, my book pile is ridiculous.

Energy: Thanks for asking!
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
If you gave me a book, I would definitely read it. I'm not sure if I'd read it within six months, though. I would make the effort if you told me it was an important to you.
zimtkeks ══╣╠══
Whether or not I'd read the book depends on how interested I was in it. I read more fiction, so the likelihood of me reading a fiction book soon would be higher.

I personally don't believe in prayer/God/higher energies/..., I'm agnostic. But I appreciate when someone says they will pray for me, because it shows I matter to them, and I don't know whether it might actually work.
callmebee ══╣╠══
I chose "other" because I think I would feel terribly guilty if you were sending me positive energy, using your own strength and kindness to do something that benefits me, and did nothing in return. I think there is always a balance of energy, and gifting energy is a beautiful thing, but I think some kind of even trade is more my speed.

If we were closer, say you were one of my closest friends, I would feel honored to accept the gift of prayer and energy without worrying about it, because I know that my friendship will eventually feed you as much as your energy fed me. However, that isn't the case.

If I knew you were sending me energy, I would make it a point to open myself up to it, first of all, rather than being confused about foreign energy "attacking" me (which is often how it feels to me to have others' energy enter my sphere without knowing what it is and the intent behind it cognitively. I often get that feeling when a misguided family member prays for my perceived sins, and I get this wave of energy that is all icky and wrong.). Then I would let the energy work, instead of fighting it (because there's nothing worse than knowing your energy was wasted by someone who can't accept it), then I would send every bit of gratitude back your way. In that case, I would be like the idea of you (or anyone, I suppose) sending energy.

After writing it all out, I can see now how fear driven this is. I think I've been given so much and truly accepted it and been grateful for it only to find secret strings attached. Secret needs in the person sending energy or love or whatever my way, that I want to protect myself from the pain of realizing the gift was actually bait for me to give more to them, that I need to be told specifically if the energy/prayer/love/gift is truly out of their own hearts, or if it is some need they have hidden behind a lie of love. Make sense? I just realized it, so it might be a bit wobbly in words still.

I guess, in conclusion, I like the idea of energy. I like the idea of a daily practice in which one gives of themselves freely. I believe you if you say that it is freely and gladly given, because I know that you are self aware and honest. If it is something you WANT to give, it must mean that giving, for you, is a way of nourishing yourself. I'd be honored, actually, to be in your energy jar :o)
belenen ══╣artless╠══
I really appreciate you feeling all this out and sharing it! When I do energy work I do not use my own energy, I pull from the universe at large or ask a specific being to send me energy to use. The only time I use my own energy is when I am deliberately connecting with someone, and it's more like I use my energy as another sense rather than giving it away.

I feel you on the sensing of energy you don't recognize, especially when that energy is trying to change something about you. My grandmother once sent me a card that had such terrible clinging wormy energy on it that it made me feel terrible for hours until I realized what it was and could consciously reject it.

awww, I am happy that you would like to be included :D I really am glad to have more LJ interactions with you nowadays!
darkestgarden ══╣╠══
i would give any book a fair try unless it was from a genre i have zero interest in. from what i know of your reading consumption the chance of that happening is low.

as for the energy work stuff, it's complicated. i guess it would depend on the nature of the act(s). i personally don't believe that energy can be sent back and forth in the way that i understand most energy workers practice (i don't totally disbelieve it either, but it seems highly unlikely. i am of course open-minded about the subject), so while you could still engage in those acts on my behalf if you chose, i would not feel that i actually benefited from them (received energy directly). does that make sense?

i would ask what you mean, exactly, when you say you are doing energy work.

i think there are many mindfulness exercises that some energy workers might do under different names that could definitely be of benefit interpersonally speaking. anything that develops/heightens understanding and compassion between people is welcome.
chillychilly22 ══╣╠══
I would like positive energy sent my way, but as I mentioned in a previous post I probably would block it thinking it wouldn't work for me. I'm working on releasing that useless belief.
chillychilly22 ══╣╠══
Also, I'm reading The Visitor by Sherry Tipper and enjoying it! Thanks for the suggestion. I took out the hardcover from the library and it's been difficult taking it with me when I go to work or away cause it's huge. But I'm really enjoying the twists and turns. Half way through it.
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.