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cleaning / Kanika and stress / what did I miss?

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*whew* just finished a massive cleaning project. [grossness]the upstairs toilet stopped working so I cleaned the shit out of the downstairs bathroom -- literally. Kanika had pooped on the floor. Even though their litter box is 1ft by 3 ft, they won't use it for poop 99.99% of the time even if it is JUST SCOOPED. Today as I was scooping out the pee blobs, Kanika watched and then as soon as I was done, hopped in and peed. I scooped it, and then they climbed in and pooped! First time they have pooped in the box in years -- apparently the trick is that I have to be waiting around to scoop it out of the otherwise perfectly clean box, and then I have to scoop pee BEFORE they will poop. (I checked both poop and pee -- healthy, yay!) Good grief. Instead I put some newspaper down after cleaning the floor, hoping they'll use that (but not very optimistic about it). They've also been stressed, which means that some of the poop was diarrhea. I already treated for fleas and worms, so I know that isn't the problem -- honestly I think they have been absorbing my stress from the past month as they are extremely empathetic. I ordered some feliway refills which just came in today and I have plugged those in, and my stress has dropped to manageable levels this week, so hopefully they will be calm and happy and stop overgrooming (the overgrooming also decreased this week, to my relief).

Also, because March was such an overwhelming month, my checking my flist was spotty and I may have missed something. So, if you wrote about:
1) something that is essential to who you are or illuminates your history, or
2) something that has great emotional importance to you, or
3) something that made you feel really good to write, or
4) something that you would specifically like my input on or just want me to see (and I haven't already commented),
please post the links below! I'll screen comments in case that helps. I'm not asking out of politeness, I would ideally read back through everything but now that LJ is having a renaissance (yay!) there is no way I can really go a month back through everyone (boo!). If you didn't write anything that falls in any of those categories, please don't apologize. The other stuff is important too, it's just important in a series way rather than a one-off way.
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