Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dreams: grasshoppers & butterflies protect me from wasps / performing & drinking w Sia

icon: "transfixed (me at Big Trees for the first time, wide-eyed and open-mouthed in awe at the beauty)"

earlier this week I dreamed that butterflies and grasshoppers were protecting me from wasps, at the top of my driveway and just across the street. First I outran the wasps, then I decided to just let them sting me because I could handle it, then butterflies and grasshoppers swarmed around in between me and the wasps just blocking them from getting to me.

and two days ago I dreamed that I went to a Sia concert in a dark bar where the bar was part of the stage and one song involved making drinks for some reason. Sia pulled me on stage and had me perform in the song by pouring drinks. After the song someone came up and tried to order from me thinking I was a bartender and I was like "oh, no, I don't really do this, I don't know how to make that" and started to leave the stage and Sia was like "what? why are you leaving?" and said "oh, I thought you just wanted me here for that one" and felt awkward but then they moved to a different stage that was white and elevated and round with a spiral staircase/slide going up from one side. they were acting out this song and I just went up on the stage and interacted with them, playing the part of the other person in the song. I felt so in-sync I didn't fret about whether or not I was supposed to, though I was surprised that there wasn't security stopping me. at the end of the interactive part Sia pushed me off the stage and that didn't feel weird or bad either, I felt zero rejection. I went to watch from behind the stage on what were kinda like bleachers. They ended the set with this bizarre pretzeling of their body in a legs-spread backbend which was especially shocking since they weren't wearing underwear and their short dress got pulled up by the bend. The audience gasped but it made perfect sense to me and I just nodded. Then they came up to me after and asked to have a beer with me and we walked to another part of the building which was under construction, sheets hanging everywhere. We sat in a booth that was being stored there, under dim light, and talked. They were so clearly crushing on me and I both realized this and was comfortable with it though I wasn't feeling crushy myself (which has never happened to me in waking life). I really enjoyed their company and admired them and was curious about possibilities but didn't feel at all overwhelmed or nervous or self-conscious. That dream was so real, and stuck with me all day into the next, making me feel really affirmed.
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, music

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