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rant on rape / dream about Nea / missing old LJ friends

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[possible TW: angry discussion of rape and victim-blaming]possible TW: angry discussion of rape and victim-blaming--------

So, thanks to the research paper I just finished, I know (even more in-depth than before) what causes rape and I know what could cure it. It would be expensive to implement and all the religious folk would piss themselves in rage but it's so totally within practical possibility. Who gives a shit though, moneygod says no and what moneygod says goes. And you know those religious people would rather maintain an epidemic of rape than give up their stereotyping and sex-taboos. Because deep down, they do not care about rape because they do not believe in bodily autonomy. They think that something external should have power over your body. They think rape is a suitable punishment for 'bad' people and they choose to believe that it doesn't happen to those they think of as 'good' -- if it happens to you, you just get moved to the 'bad' column so they can keep on believing this. I actually hate these people more than the capitalists who just think it won't happen to them so they refuse to put money toward it when that money could be benefiting them. Selfishness is evil; selfishness justified with cruelty is worse.

------end TW-----

in happier news, I dreamed about spending time with acid_burns last night. It was so airy and light, and I felt really free. I don't remember specifics but we did go to some giant warehouse store.

I still miss my old circle of LJ friends.
Tags: dreams, lj friends, nea, rants, social justice / feminism

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