Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream: Anika & I flee authority, followed by children, find a safe garage, transfuse my magic blood

icon: "dreamy (a painting by pupasoul of a human figure in a cage, holding a hand out from which radiates light and squiggly sparkly vines of energy)"

Didn't sleep much last night so I had a nap today and dreamed pretty vividly...

Anika and I were fleeing from some kind of authority. We went into a hospital, ducked into a place we weren't supposed to go, and when the people in charge there (white dudes in blue scrubs) said no no, I did the white dude thing of explaining vaguely and carelessly while ignoring their commands. I said something about Anika being disabled and not having their cane -- even though they were using a cane? but it was a grey one instead of their kitties one. I was holding Anika's hand this whole time and marched us through the restricted area (a part of the emergency room that led outside). We got outside and it was raining and children were following us, which at first was fine but then we were walking on a very narrow sidewalk next to the highway and I decided it was too dangerous for them and told them to hold hands and go back inside, quick quick, and chased them a little. Anika thought this was cute and funny. Then I came back and took their left hand again and we went as quickly as possible down the sidewalk. Everything was grey but bright, like a very rainy summer day. We got to the bottom of the hill after passing a wooded area on the right and there was a fork in the road, with neighborhoods ahead. I let go Anika's hand to run ahead and see what I could see, and when I turned back, they were gone. I called out for them and they called back and I followed and found them in someone's garage. There was a fiftyish hippyish white cishetero couple working on something in the garage, also making chili, which they offered to share. They asked our story and [Content Warning: blood] [CW through the end: discussion of blood]

I explained that I had gotten a faulty license for blood transfusions, accidentally (in the dream world there was a proper way for layfolk to do this), and even though I could do it just fine they were after us. Apparently I had been giving Anika some of my blood. When I explained this, the man got up and gathered the equipment I needed, gave it to me, and I hooked it up to me and Anika as if this was an everyday thing to do. There was a fault in the line though and my blood started spilling on the floor, so I decided not to use it. As I unhooked it I warned the man that sometimes this made people woozy, and the man agreed, misunderstanding me and thinking I was referring to myself; apparently I meant that when exposed to my blood, anyone in the vicinity got light-headed (not just blood-faint-y people). The man slumped to the floor, but slowly and didn't get hurt. I explained to the woman (who was sitting and thus didn't fall) that this was a function of my magical blood.
Then I woke.
Tags: dreams, sunny

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