Belenen (belenen) wrote,

wanna play truth-or-truth with me?

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Truth-or-truth is a very simple game I invented for practicing openness and curiosity. I'll explain how it works with an example. A, B, K, and T are playing. B starts off by asking K a question. After K answers, they can choose to either ask someone a question or assign a questioner and questionee. They tell A to ask T a question (this is called passing a question). Since a question can only be passed once, A asks T a question. After answering, T asks A a question (this is called a bounceback). Only one bounceback is allowed, so A can ask or assign B or K but not T, for that round. If ever someone asks another person a question they aren't comfortable answering, that person can just ask for a different question.

The point of the game is to ask questions that make people reflect and share some part of themselves that doesn't usually get shared. The more specific the question, the better. You 'win' by asking a question that makes everyone feel curious or that makes someone realize something new about themselves, or by giving an answer that inspires strong feelings or thoughtfulness. It's not a game with points or competition; everyone can win. It's about building your skills at getting to know people and at helping people to know you.

So, I explain all this because I love this game and I want to play it more often and with new people (because that is more of a challenge!). I was thinking of doing a videochat (and drinking!) this Friday at 9pm EST. Wanna join? the first 7 definite yes-es are in. I'm screening comments; if you wanna join, leave your gmail address and whether you are a definite yes or a maybe (if you don't leave an email address or ask to keep screened, I'll unscreen). You don't have to drink, of course, I just want you to know that I will be :) I may have a sober one at another time, I just wanna drink to celebrate the end of the semester because by then I will *crosses fingers* be DONE!!!
Tags: intimacy, lj friends, openness, questions, truth-or-truth

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