Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dreams: radio SJ speaking w Snoop, epic dystopia w devil gold ring programming

icon: "powerful (Frazetta's "Sun Goddess": a person with large breasts and belly and thick muscular thighs, standing with arms out and head back, knife in one hand, sabertooth tiger snarling by their side)"

dreamed something about driving a yellow firebird, the owner asking if I want to buy and me asking how much. they said 200 and I thought that that was either far too low or far too high, so just made an excuse. at another part I was falling from high above the ocean and used a thread from a disintegrating sailboat to save myself. there was also something about a grocery store.

I don't remember it all, but at one point I was at Snoop Dogg's house with them and their friend (a big muscular white dude who used a wheelchair) talking about how a bunch of racists had caused a shitton of damage in retaliation after snoop had a giant expensive party. I said something about defaults not wanting to see anyone else have money, and then explained what I meant by default. Snoop agreed with me about racism as a motivator but said that sexism/cissexism/ableism is not that bad and I explained how it is serious and systemic, not just a few bigots: people die. Then me and Snoop were talking on a college radio about oppression and defaults, as one of the college high-mucketys stood in the doorway. Snoop thought it was amusing that they were just letting me go at it. then I introduced Snoop and handed them the mic, and soft music started playing and the mic stopped working! I tried to fix it with the controls back there but it had been done elsewhere, as a way to shut us up, or maybe just Snoop. then the scene switched and there was something about a house magically lifted and tipped 20°.

Also when Snoop and I were setting up equipment, I coughed and found a blue cord in my throat. I pulled it and it came out and out and out, like three yards of it, and then it was attached to a pink one that was shorter. I started to get nervous that there was gonna be poop on it but I pulled it the rest of the way out (no poop) and looked carefully at the join place, which I thought was a knot but on carefully looking, realized was a tangle, that it was one cord that faded from blue to pink with a tiny section of purple.

Earlier there was a tiny dragon I was trying to catch, but not a normal one, a salamander one. about the size of my finger. it hid in a box of a toy with gardening stuff, and then begged me to get it out. it ran all over the place, very fast.

epic dream about evil 'devil' and sci-fi dystopia. started when I and another kid were left in a boxy stone gazebo and someone came up, loudly told us that our punishment was finished, and took us out. just behind us, someone else went into it with a captive and began torturing them. the one who rescued me and my companion took us to another spot with a bunch more children and we decided to try disappearing into the bamboo. when we did it and the others couldn't see us, they excitedly followed too but they wouldn't be quiet. I kept trying to shush them, getting to the point of wanting to hit them and waving violently and shouting in whispers instead.

Scene switch and everything looked dead and dried up. there were people in charge and reluctant followers who carried out their will. don't remember everything except gold rings were programming, and at one point someone said "this will change it from white to white Jesus." (meaning, from white supremacy to religious white supremacy) To deprogram oneself, a person had to take off their ring (which was illegal). we plotted to destroy the central power. at one point this line of people at the top of stairs who were the evil leaders were no longer in power. I don't think they could move from their thrones. we brought them food and they haughtily cast it down, thinking it wouldn't be long before we were killed and a new regime began. then one of them threatened us with its belly that it could apparently blast sound out of, but I took a butterknife and stabbed it through the stomach and popped the organ. this didn't seriously damage the person but it took away their weapon.

a little later I was watching a scene unfold that was very similar to the first except the aesthetics had changed, and felt disheartened, but then all of a sudden things were very different and people were removing their rings, even the super privileged. There was one 'princess' that my lover helped to remove theit ring (there are sometimes failsafes designed to punish as you try to remove it so you stop: you have to be careful) and they had three separate programming markers: the ring, a coin, and a flower that they wore in their hair. when they took it out it got angry and tried to stab my lover in the eye, but I could tell what it was about to do and warned my lover in time.

then I and someone else were tied up w a bunch of gold rings (bracelet size and massively thick), in the ocean, trying to sink, and the devil came along and pulled us out. we laughed because we were tied to a huge mass of more rings and people, and the devil couldn't pick it all up (they were the size of a human but able to hover). They were furious at me and told me to try and hold on (as it prepared to try and break my back). I braced myself emotionally but didn't care, I'd succeeded in helping all those others escape.

Then I was on a plane with others who had deprogrammed themselves, and I saw an AFAB intersex person who had stopped shaving their face and had the beginning growth of a beard, with a female-appearing companion who said something to them about liking them and all their accompaniments (meaning the fact that they were intersex).

Then I was like "okay, five stars for THIS movie, I'm gonna save the last 15 min for when I watch it with Topaz, who would love all the dystopian stuff." and woke up.
Tags: dreams, gender

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