Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Love memory bank (jan and feb and then i forgot)

icon: "kissy (a photo of me outside in soft light, blowing a kiss)"

Topaz gives me comfort via text throughout the day as I have a lot of turbulence.
KWT expresses comfort when I share that visiting my biofam is hard.
Anika came and picked me up from my parents
Topaz picked me up from the bus station and stopped for coffee and went in for me even though they were stressed about getting stuff ready on time
Abby shared unprompted openness w me
Topaz made me coffee before I got up
KWT texts me an excited i-love-you
Lily goes looking for a plastic apron for me and does the dishes and gets milk!!!!
Topaz offers to drive me to coffee and then helps me buy a pretty thing I couldn't quite justify at the thrift store. Also, starts making goody bags for my birthday party!
1-19-15 topaz gives me an amazing foot rub!
Heather hangs out with me and we have great talks and time in the forest and they don't get impatient w my photo taking
Cass meets me halfway and hangs out w me for over 5 hours with very meaningful conversation
Topaz makes me delicious breakfast and lets me put cinnamon in the coffee (making a separate cup for themselves)
Kylei comes over and hangs out with me, crafting, we have some eye contact.
Topaz rubs my aching head and pulls my hair until it feels better <3 a long time!
Topaz gives me a spontaneous foot rub that feels AMAZING
Topaz went shopping and made us fancy breakfast!
Topaz prepares me a great birthday party! And lets me take photos of them :D
Topaz gives me silent eye contact and sweet cuddles
Topaz asks my friends to tell how I met them and what they value about me and prints it out and also goes to the new age shop and gets me stones chosen by intuition and prints out photos and info about each one <3
topaz buys me a coffee cause I'm sad
topaz makes me cinnamon coffee
topaz laid in bed with me off and on all morning between working from home. then topaz got home from work and brushed my hairs every way for more than 35 brushes each direaction. then topaz made me pretty dinner of chipotle sausages, cooked rainbow carrots, and raw celery, tomatoes and cucumber, with rice and dip.
topaz went to the art swap w me despite allergies and stress, and later made me a veggie burger w cheese.

Gonna try to get back in the habit!
Tags: abby, biofamily, cass, coffee, food, heather, kwt, kylei, lilywolf, love memory bank, sunny, those passing through, topaz, touch

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