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my coffeeshop, Gypsy Java

BTW, all you naysayers -- coffee is good for you, so there!

I want to open a coffeeshop called "Gypsy Java" or something like that... here's what it'll be like:

--- a high ceiling with exposed wooden beams
--- the walls will be draped in gauzy fabrics of many solid colors
--- there will be candle sconces along the walls with sandalwood/musk-scented candles burning in them all day (portruding far enough so that the wall drapes don't catch fire and high enough to be a little above the average person's eye level)
--- the floor will be plywood, painted with designs and sealed with polyurthane.
--- there will be a stage at the front, raised two steps off of the floor, with large windows at the back.
--- there will be a section with three bars, stools (with backs) on one side of each, all facing the stage.
--- there will be several fabric-draped black couches along the walls
--- there will be comfortable chairs around octagon-shaped black tables (4 chairs per table) in the center of the room (easy to remove if a popular band comes to play).

--- the music will be themed by day: Sunday -- bellydance music; Monday -- throbbing industrial; Tuesday -- acid jazz; Wednesday -- world (think Yo-Yo Ma); Thursday -- alternative; Friday -- modern rock; Saturday -- anything goes.

--- Live local bands on Friday night (2$ to get in, free if you buy a coffee).
--- Live well-known bands on every other Saturday night (cover charge).
--- Poetry readings on Tuesdays (free).
--- local artists/crafters show off on Thursdays (free).
--- people can pay a minimum fee to have large groups meet there on other days.

--- I'll buy coffee from Alliance World Coffees (where Insomnia got theirs -- best I've ever tasted)
--- I'll also sell smoothies.
--- and snacks -- chips and the like -- and Pace Picante sauce.

HOURS (the best part):
--- 1pm to 1am Sunday thru Thursday!!!
--- 2pm to 4am Friday and Saturday!!!

And I'll plant it near a college, to grab all the procrastinator-I'm-trying-to-stay-awake-and-finish-this-essay-students, and near a highway, to grab all the road-trippers.

I'll be rich anyway, so I can afford to be eccentric. ;-)

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