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gimme links peeze (and the "I" meme)

heh -- I didn't even skew this! Answered honestly and everything.
Angelina Jolie
You're dark, twisted and gorgeous; Angelina Jolie.
What sexy girl are you?

and part of the 'I' meme from bluebl00d and lamenting...


I am : wilder than you think
I want : a friend that I can beadweave with
I have : about 80 million beads
I wish : that my CDs would arrive (I've been waiting WEEKS)
I hate : close-mindedness and willful stupidity (wait, isn't that redundant?)
I fear : having kids before I get a chance to 'be a rock star'
I search : for all knowledge -- I'm the most curious person any of my friends know (or so they say).
I regret : nothing! All of my experiences have made me who I am, and I shudder to think of how shallow I'd be if nothing bad had ever happened to me.
I love : very deeply and permanently
I always : sleep naked
I am not : classifiable
I dance : when there is music playing and no one is around
I sing : along with the Benjamin Gate, Christina Aguilera, the Cranberries, and Portishead
I cry : when my people are hurting and when I'm lonely
I am not always : bold
I write : excellently late at night
I win : !!! I win!!!
I need : stuff to add to my links page


In case you didn't read all that, for some reason my computer crashed and dumped ALL of my bookmarks. I had so many random awesome links -- all gone! So please do me a favor and reply with the most interesting or weird links in YOUR bookmarks. I will love you!

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