Belenen (belenen) wrote,

december photo prompt meme!

icon: "waterstar (a violet-colored digital manipulation of a thirteen-pointed star I drew, which is the symbol for my art. The arms of the star are wavy and flame-like, in mostly-symmetrical pairs except for the top center one.)"

Well, I got to 20 posts for November, not consecutive but nonetheless I consider it a moderate success. As a motivator for December, I'm going to request some prompts for photo-taking (which I will likely post in lumps, but I will try to keep it in order). I haven't done photoposts in a while because I was daunted by the image descriptions for a while but I think I have it down now. Please pick a day and ask for a photo! If I already have a photo available I'll just link to it or add the old one.

1: post a photo that inspires you.
2: your workspace where you make art.
3: the comfiest place to curl up.
4: photo of you
5: your view from your bedroom window.
7. Your bookshelf, or the place where you keep books, preferably with at least some of the titles visible.
8: a sky lightening or darkening that inspired you
9: The sky
10: the first thing you see when you wake up.
11: The contents of your purse.
13: A favorite tree
14: contents of your fridge.
15: the last thing you see before you go to sleep.
17: your car as you see it
18: a meal you ate this day (cereal)
19: Something you find comforting when you're feeling blue.
20: night photo of a favorite place.
21: a favorite article of clothing
22: your favorite food
23: An artistically planned photo with the prompt "magic"
24: Your favorite pair of shoes.
25: your favorite photo of a lover
27. A gift that has a place of honour in your house.
29. A selfie in the place in your house whose energy feels best to you on that day.
30: you or something or somewhere or someone that makes you feel sexy
31: You with someone you love
Tags: meme, photos

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