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overview of goals for 2015: satisfied / goals for 2016: sorta more reasonable yet more intense

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[wins and misses for 2015 goals]500 photos taken that I like. (check mark) I haven't actually looked through them, but I took enough photos that I'm pretty sure I'd like at least 500.
365 instances of unprompted openness. (x mark) nooooo. I'd say maybe 80? it's hard.
365 days of keeping up with text responses at least once daily. (check mark) I didn't do this perfectly, but I did more than 2/3rds of the days, so it's a win.
365 days of taking one cellphone snapshot daily. (check mark) I didn't do this perfectly, but I did more than 2/3rds of the days, so it's a win.
303 days that include a spiritual practice, aiming for early in the day. (x mark) nope. I did great at the beginning of the year but then everything went off.
252 LJ entries. (check mark) 172, not quite, but pretty good.
88 love bank entries. (x mark) no I forgot this existed *terribly sad face* if you did something very sweet for me please remind me so I can write it down.
77 fractals. (x mark) no, I made the most beautiful one ever and then it wouldn't render and I tried over and over and I was too upset about that to move on to a new fractal, fail.
55 dreams recorded. (x mark) 18, not even half of what was intended.
55 artworks created. (check mark) not quite, but it was at least 40, so I'm marking it a success.
55 intuitions recorded. (x mark) nope, maybe 5.
55 days of reading a spiritual book. (x mark) nope, maybe 20?
44 me-initiated text conversations with KWT, Abby, Anika, Kat, Allison, Jaime (each). (x mark) nope turns out I wayyy overestimated my potential.
44 me-initiated fb messages to Heather and Kylei (each). (x mark) noooo boo.
30 30-minute meditations. (x mark) nope, maybe 12?
16 intimacy practices. (check mark) nope, I think we did 11, but I am counting it as a win because of alllll the shit that went down.
13 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 hangouts with KWT, Kylei, Heather, Jaime, Allison (each). (check mark) No, but I did more than half! this is a win!
14 w Heather check mark
9 w Allison check mark
9 w Kylei check mark
7 w Jaime check mark
KWT isn't counted because they cut out very early in the year.
11 new casual friends made. (check mark) my reaction was to laugh and say nope, but then when I counted it was about 16! I'm counting people I have know peripherally for years but never REALLY talked to.
8 crafty parties. (x mark) nope and I'm not even going to count because I think it's like 3 *deep frown*
7 new park visits (parks I haven't been to before). (check mark check mark) I did 14!!! partly because Topaz dragged me up mountains but hey it counts.
4 concerts. (x mark) no, I think I went to 2? can't remember. Need to use the word 'concert' on the calendar next time.
4 sets of talismans made. (x mark) no. feeling distressed about this.
3 sets of icons made. (x mark) no. I don't even remember if I did one.
3 new good friends made. (check mark) I got 2 out of 3: Sydney and Cass. They're both quite wonderful so I'm satisfied. Also the Odd Squad bond has strengthened, so I am counting that as a good friend. Group relationships are their own thing.
2 22-day writing streaks. (check mark) not quite, but so close that I'm counting it.
2 sets of card readings. (x mark) nope but that's alright.
2 musicsharing posts. (x mark) nope and I'm sad about that.
2 art inspiration posts. (x mark) nope, boo.
1 new tattoo. (x mark) money bleh.
1 long (3.5+ hour) drive by myself. (x mark) no, but I couldn't anyway because my car isn't up for it.
1 burn-centered event. (x mark) nope. money.
1 class led at a convention. (check mark check mark check mark check mark) did FOUR at TWO cons, plus panels.
More physical exertion. (check mark) yep!
More work on my etsys and art fb and local selling of my art. (x mark) I did do more, but not much more.
More writing in my book of magic. (check mark) Yes! I made some new spells which I have been meaning to transcribe but haven't yet oops.
More new kinds of sex/physical intimacy. (check mark) no huge changes, but some new things. And new realizations.
More energy work with more people. (check mark) yep!
Redo my "characters in the story of my life" post. (x mark) nooo.
Do year-overviews for 2012, 2013, 2014. (x mark) noooo.

So that's about half and half for number of items, but for importance of items I mostly succeeded. I thought for sure I had failed on the friends stuff but I did much better than I thought! Also I hadn't included several goals which I met: graduate college, come out to more members of biofamily and give them a chance, write two papers suitable for publication, become more assertive, prepare & submit name change paperwork, keep houseplants alive, and get comfortable writing image descriptions.

For 2016!
 ◯  Do year-overviews for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. SERIOUSLY SELF COME ON.
check mark Redo my "characters in the story of my life" post.
 ◯  More physical exertion & stronger muscles.
 ◯  Keep track of media: books, films, shows, music, articles.
 ◯  More work on my etsys and art fb.
 ◯  500 photos taken that I liked, sorted and uploaded.
 ◯  280 instances of unprompted openness (aim for daily).
 ◯  280 days of keeping up with text responses at least once daily (aim for daily).
 ◯  280 days of taking one cellphone snapshot daily (aim for daily).
 ◯  280 days of correct calendar notes (aim for daily).
 ◯  280 days that include a spiritual practice, aiming for early in the day (aim for daily).
 ◯  220 LJ entries (aim for daily).
 ◯  88 love bank entries (check weekly).
 ◯  77 fractals made.
 ◯  55 dreams recorded.
 ◯  44 artworks created (aim for weekly).
 ◯  44 days of reading a spiritual book (aim for weekly).
 ◯  44 30-minute meditations (aim for weekly).
 ◯  33 intuitions recorded.
 ◯  16 intimacy practices.
 ◯  13 or more people cuddled.
 ◯  13 new nature site visits.
 ◯  13 new casual friends made.
 ◯  13 self-portraits that I like.
 ◯  11 group hangouts (me plus 3 or more of my tribe).
 ◯  11 me-initiated text conversations with Sydney, Allison, Cass (each).
 ◯  11 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 hangouts with Kylei, Heather, Sydney, Allison (each).
 ◯  8 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 hangouts with Jaime, Cass (each).
 ◯  8 me-initiated text conversations with Abby, Anita, Adi (each).
 ◯  8 me-initiated fb/app messages to Heather, Kylei, Kat, Hannah, & Jaime (each).
 ◯  8 crafty parties (aim for monthly).
 ◯  8 book/film/show reviews (aim for monthly).
 ◯  8 spiritual events hosted or attended (aim for monthly).
 ◯  5 or more people kissed (at least 1 new person).
 ◯  3 or more people engaged in intense physical intimacy.
 ◯  3 or more energy-exchange experiences with new people.
 ◯  3 new good friends made.
 ◯  3 or more pages in my book of magic written.
 ◯  3 new photo posts.
 ◯  3 music-sharing posts.
 ◯  3 art inspiration posts.
 ◯  2 new kinds of sexual/physical intimacy experiences.
 ◯  2 22-day writing streaks.
 ◯  2 workshops led at a large gather.
 ◯  2 sets of talismans made.
 ◯  2 nude photoshoots! at least.
 ◯  1 set of icons made.
 ◯  1 set of card readings.
 ◯  1 burn-centered event attended.
 ◯  1 new job.
 ◯  1 new dwelling place.
 ◯  1 legalized name.
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