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__fantasynovel; necklace; Bone Collector

YAY!!! my community __fantasynovel now has 30 members and 30 watchers, and it's growing! And active! *happy dance, happy dance*

Kristen is a hap-py gir'!

And I finished a new necklace -- after much swearing and frustration 'cause I made the wire too freakin' short and it was HELL to get the end closed off... and I'm still nervous that it might slip, 'cause I usually close it off with 2 crimp beads... but if I wear it three times and it doesn't break, I know it's good. So I shall wear it thrice before passing it on.

I saw The Bone Collector -- mixed feelings on that one. The more I become convinced that every human has worth, the more violence bothers me.
BUT oh my gosh, the acting. Angelina almost made me burst into tears when she got so touched at Denzel's family coming to see him. That was just so genuine! I imagine those are easy feelings to reach for her, as she understands what it's like to have estranged family... And she played the part of a gentle woman very well -- quite different from her usual roles. Denzel was great too -- the seizure scenes were convincing to me, and it must have been difficult to emote without the use of body language. And Queen Latifah -- whom I was surprised to see, as I didn't know she had acted before Bringing Down the House -- was phenominal. I didn't know she was such an excellent actress -- I guess if you see someone in a comedy you assume that they are just a comedienne (or comedian, as the case may be).
But the killings -- uh. The screams were awful, and the steaming thing? *nausea* Good plot though, taken from an objective viewpoint. I might see this one again, if I can watch it with a mute and fast-forward button handy.

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