skills I have always wanted but never learned / how I see luck & am I lucky?

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What is a skill you've always wished to have, but don't? What had stopped you from pursuing it, or what stopped you from achieving it? (from here)

I always wanted to be able to do structured dance. First it was ballet, then modern dance, then bellydance that I wanted to learn. I took bellydance classes for a little while, but when my teacher (who gave me a discount) stopped teaching I couldn't find anyone who taught near enough and cheap enough. Eventually I stopped looking for a new teacher. I think I was also hindered by lack of someone to do it with - part of my success when I did take classes was that I had a friend taking them with me.

I've also always wanted to paint, blow glass, sculpt, and draw well. In these things also I have not learned due to lack of money, teacher, and classmate. I have self-taught some other skills, but with painting and sculpting, the cheap materials are so much harder to work with, and with glass there is a HUGE financial barrier, and with drawing... I think with drawing I just got discouraged and never found a thing that I needed to draw enough to work at it. I wanted to learn to make fractals from the first time I saw them, but it took me years to even try, and I began with a tutorial. After that I felt like I understood enough to start experimenting.

How would you define luck and would you consider yourself lucky relative to the society you live in?

I define luck as being on the good side of random chance. Most things have a lot of forces pushing them, but when those forces get balanced, it is random chance that decides which way they go. To be lucky is to have those chances fall in your favor. I think you can make this happen. In cases where only the tiniest bit of a push makes the choice, that tiny push can be something like your desire, your prayer, etc. I didn't believe in luck as a thing of itself until I saw a string of such ludicrously bad luck that I felt there must be such a thing, and I took some actions to try and break it and it seemed to help.

A lot of times people use 'lucky' instead of 'privileged' as in "I was lucky to be born white" but that is not luck, because being born white is not a factor of random chance - you had very little chance of having dark skin if both parents were white. Privilege is not luck because it is not random and it is not value-neutral (but privilege and luck can go hand-in-hand).

I consider myself fairly lucky in some respects; I have amazing thrifting luck, and I have had good luck finding amazing friends, and I have good luck with my car. I cultivate this luck by pushing into it with my will so that any time forces are balanced I push them over to my favor.

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erinfondue ══╣╠══
Thanks for being the thoughtful person you are
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You're welcome, I suppose! *wink*
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belenen ══╣amused╠══
well, you don't happen to live in/near Atlanta do you?
lorelei_sakti ══╣╠══
I wondered why you didn't belly dance anymore. If I lived nearby I would dance with you!
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belenen ══╣kissy╠══
awww! I would love that!
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aww, that would be fantastic!
kehlen ══╣╠══
I do not quite agree with your approach to luck/privilege. The soul has no skin colour, monetary worth, class, nationality or otherother conventional, societal characteristics you are born into.

You parents want a child (or just have one), but it does not have to be your soul they get. They cannot wish for yours exactly.

After this, it all depends on how you view life. If it's a one-time affair, there is certainly luck involved in being born privileged.

If it's reincarnation, then two variants. One, you are born again without your input: luck again. Two, you choose opportunities for growth that will be presented to you during life beforehand, then forget it all and live in the present. I would agree with refusing to call it luck only in the 3d scenario. you believe in reincarnation?

Also, expect more belated comments, I am catching up with LJ.😆
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.