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PSA: friending meme particularly for returnee & long-term LJers

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Like Vines Toward The Sun -- a friending meme for returnee & long-term LJers!
This is fantastic! I have found a number of new awesome people (welcome!) and I know that some of you here (soundofsunlight I remember, I think sidheblessed and at least two other people) were wanting a more active friends list -- I think this meme will help you find some!

Name, Age: James/Belenen, 33
Current Location: Atlanta-ish, Georgia, USA
Hometown: none (military brat) but Georgia is my home state.
Gender identity & Orientation: trans, agender, queer, demisexual
Religious/Spiritual Identity: eclectic pagan Quaker
Political Identity: social justice activist
Significant other, kids?: multiple significant others (I am a relationship anarchist), no kids or plans for them anytime soon.
Job: statistician/graphic designer/editor/data entry/etc as a student worker
Major in college, if applicable: just graduated, sociology/statistics/gwst

What are you passionate about?: social justice, respect, reverence/wonder, connection/compassion, imperfection/action, honesty, curiosity/questioning, transparency/openness, creativity, growth/change, & thoroughness.
What are you interested in?: plants (especially trees (especially champion trees and really old trees)), consent, art, magic, energy work, ADD, color, fungi, ancient egypt, glass, microbes, intimacy, nudity, gardening, non-normative sex.
What are your hobbies?: self-educating, cuddling, walking through the woods and connecting with nature, taking photos, making jewelry, thrifting, mixed media art, making fractal art, writing, reading, research, asking questions, analyzing and organizing, foraging, mushrooming, developing and teaching intimacy skills, customizing everything I own.

How do you use LJ?: my LJ contains:
- happenings with emotional significance and why they matter to me.
- writing on injustice and privilege with the goal of breaking them down.
- analysing patterns in myself or society or relationships.
- my spirituality and how I invest in it.
- dreams (mine are often EPIC); occasionally with interpretations.
- skillsharing, especially when I learn a skill for relationships &/or consent.
- polls & interactive memes; me seeking to learn more of you.
- my core values and progress toward goals based on them.
- photo posts; myself, my art, occasionally my friends.
- art & music; sometimes I share some of my artistic inspirations.
I aim to write daily and usually end up writing 2 or 3 times a week. Almost everything is public: I occasionally lock things that are about work or friends who want privacy.

Do you comment?: Yes, but not on everything and not daily. I tend to go on reading/commenting sprees once a week and I only comment if I feel like I have something interesting to say. I am better about commenting on others' journals than I am about replying to comments in a timely fashion.
What kind of LJ friends are you looking for?: I want LJ friends who are very self-aware and growth-focused, because observing other people's self-examination is exceedingly inspiring to me. I also want LJ friends to share at least the "justice" and "respect" part of my core values (the more we share the better, but those two are necessary). I want LJ friends who notice the evil injustice in the world and react by doing their best to make it better. And I vastly prefer people who don't use slurs like 'lam*' and 'stup*d'.
Returnees -- How long have you been away?: I never really left, but in 2011, 2012, and 2013 I was barely here. In 2014 I found some new active LJers and that helped me to return, and I have been active again for 2 solid years.
Returnees -- What have you missed about LJ?: everything! LJ is a huge part of my life and I want that to always be true.

Anything else you'd like to mention?: please read this post on slurs before deciding whether to add me, and if you resonate with it, please do add me!
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