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dreams (lots w ex-in-laws & bodies of water & sex & escape & dealing w evil people)

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15-12-22: wanting to connect w ex-spouse

I dreamed that I wanted to reconnect with my ex-spouse, in a limited way. I had a list of things but I can't remember what they are. I felt self-conscious of being fat and wanted to ask if they had had sex with a fat person before (because I am significantly larger than I was when we were together). It was very strange. I felt somehow comforted by their presence.

Later that dream I was really warm and friendly to someone (random 'person i knew in high school': a conglomerate of faces) and afterward realized they were mocking me.

15-12-23: hannah came to visit: we are chased, rescued by small boy

I dreamed that Hannah came to visit me and wanted to have sex with me but I was living in a house with two unhinged predatory people who kept trying to force themselves into my bedroom. So we (me and Hannah and someone else) had to block the door, climb out the window and crawl under houses and hide. Then a little boy saw us and eventually we got caught.

The little boy was given a laser cutting tool and told to cut a symbolic arm and when the kid did that all of the boys that supposedly one of us (me or hannah or the other person) had captured would lose their arm. The little boy pretended like he was going to do it and then sliced the head off the woman who had dropped us at our house with the two rapey people. Then I was reunited with Hannah and the other person. The three of us had been kind of in love with each other [not sure what happened at the end because my voice-to-text got too garbled here].

16-1-8: dating two people, cuddling in church

Dreamed I was dating 2 people and the first one was dismissive and mean, the second was blind (with a guide dog) and wonderful. The first read as amab genderqueer and the second as afab femme. I liked looking at their eyes and felt not self-conscious about it. We cuddled, spooning. The setting was some kind of revival church.

16-1-9: ex-in-laws give great gifts then punch me in the crotch, later I deal with an attacker who is impossible to kill

At one point I was in a lake with a bunch of others including Rebecca, and there was a shop of some kind where I was thinking of buying a foam shelf that attached with suckers and magnets. I decided not to, and when i left the seller (an old white fat dude) chased me.

I was at a place that was a conglomerate of Wishwood and my grandparents' house, with my ex-in-laws. They gave me lots of great gifts including this big set of Xena stuff which at first I thought was redundant and then realized it was all different- anime, a game, movies, specials. Later we were in the backyard and Ben made a comment about being intimidated by my mane (my hair was all about shoulder-length and all down) and that made me feel very good.

At one point we were all racing through the forest and Jonathan was ahead of me and tripped. I checked to be sure he was okay and then tried to run on, but he attacked me for it. He knocked me down and punched me in the crotch. Then Ben and Samuel came along and also each punched me in the crotch. I couldn't understand why and kept saying "but i didn't do anything!"

Then I was back in the house which now looked like Ray and Linda's house except backwards, and I found a new pair of shoes I had bought and realized that someone had taken them and given me old shoes which I was now wearing. I determined not to ask but just to take them.

There was one part where I was in a trailer with a bunch of unfamiliar people and one came up and petted my back and belly and shoulders and arms and the sides of my breasts, without bumping into my nipples or making me the least bit uncomfortable. All I could tell about them is that they had white skin, blonde hair, and seemed male. I really loved their touch.

Then there was a part with some kind of attacker who was almost impossible to kill - made of plastic. Someone shot them in the chest several times and they laughed. Someone shot their head to bits and they regenerated it. So I had someone help me and we held them down and cut them with boxcutters into small pieces, which we were then going to scatter so that it couldn't regenerate. But when i went to tie some pieces to passing cars, I saw that all the cars already had pieces attached. The implication was that this thing was everywhere and there was no killing or escaping.

16-1-10: ex-mum-in-law very happy to see me, then deal w roaches

I dreamed about my ex-in-laws again. This one was mostly about Kathleen, who was excited and happy to see me and gave me four pick-up hugs (I said to pick me up under my boobs and they did). Then I helped clean the kitchen and they had a system for dealing with roaches but it didn't work very well maybe as the sink was full of them (but they were dead) and if you put the sponge down in the wrong spot it came up again w dead roaches clinging to it. Grossss.

16-1-11: with biofamily I paint my legs w blueberries and herd cats, then go on a heist and have sex

Dreamed about being on a big cruise or ferry boat, running from someone. Jumped into the water and swam away, then climbed a tree and ran from treetop to treetop, bending the tops of the trunks as i ran into almost a road.

At another part i was with biofamily. I took a blueberry and colored my right lower leg with it, then they wanted to leave to go meet some relative. I went with them but at the first stop I got out and ran back, with Ace who was a small child again. When I got back i colored my left leg with another blueberry and then put on knee highs and shoes. Then i realized I'd left some doors open and had to literally herd cats, because some were meant to be inside-only and some were meant to be in particular rooms.

There was a part about some sort of heist, me and three others. At first i thought that the leader was one of the dudes but then the woman got in the driver's seat and drove us recklessly around the corners and i realized that it was all her idea.

Later i ended up distracting the one I originally thought was the leader by pretending to want sex while planning to throw him over the ledge after i angled him properly, but then I was enjoying myself and felt a connection and wanted to actually have sex with him. The scene switched during this to a bed and after sex he ordered pizza. I thought to myself that it was fun and I wanted to do it more.

All i remember is Allison had this great studio and me and someone else used it (with permission) to eat our take-out on a date.

16-1-29: with ex-in-laws and we all get wings, a cape I can't wear, given dogs for my b-day

Dreamed about being with my ex-in-laws at a house owned by an evil sorcerer that was over water on the ocean's edge. We all sprouted wings and learned to fly and i wanted to be w ben again, who had bleached and dyed his hair oddly. The wings didn't come out until you lept off somewhere and tried to fly, and I got the knack of it the most quickly. Then there was an old woman who came to the house and i told everyone to hide their wings.

Later we went looking for the sorcerer's son, who was supposedly the reason the sorcerer wanted us to stay in the house, in case he needed anything, but we found his corpse that was clearly dead before we got there and covered up with a weird silver balloon. Then we realized he had bad intentions for us and we escaped before he got there. We were on the beach and there were gigantic waves, which i was excited about. I went out in them and then clung to a pole as the waves kept coming and receded, only slightly worried that the water would pull me away and out to sea.

There was also some bit about me trying on a gold-silver-pearl drapey chain-dangle collar necklace that then became a silver and blue satiny cape. The others around told me how it wouldn't fit or suit and I shouldn't have it.

Then i dreamed i had an uncle who gave me 2 female dogs (a yellow and a brown) for my birthday (which somehow became 8 puppies) and i was trying to figure out how i would take care of them. They escaped into my uncle's neighborhood and i went looking for them - they were already attached enough to me that when they heard me call they came.
Tags: ace, allison, b - ex-partner, biofamily, dreams, dreamsymbols - birthday, ex-in-laws, hannah

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