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giving real smiles to strangers

Self, self, self -- will you ever learn? You can't force truth on anyone! STOP TRYING! (sometimes I sprain my eyes rolling them, and other times I get irritated with myself for getting involved in something so... pointless.)

anar_anar's post reminded me of something I meant to post... Yesterday I went out with Ben, first to Subway and then to superwalmart. As we left Subway, I said thank you and waved to the lady who made our subs, and she smiled and told us to have a good day. I was happy 'cause the people who work there are usually guys who look irritated at having to serve a girl (maybe I'm seeing things but I get the feeling that they are extrememly sexist -- maybe a culture thing) -- and I am very polite always. So anyway. Happy to have a nice interaction with the lady. (she had such a pretty voice!) And I think she was happy too.
Then at walmart I was just happy to be with Ben, and I smiled a lot. Several times I'd be smiling at something he said and my glance would land on another person's eyes, and I'd transfer the focus of my smile to them, and they'd smile back! I don't know if it's because I usually am stingy with my smiles or just because there were a lot of receptive people around... but when they smiled back I could see them get a little happier. I was pleased... and now I want to try to do that more often. The cashier was a black girl who looked about 16, and she seemed a little edgy and bored, but when I smiled as we left she smiled back and looked more relaxed. And the 40ish white lady standing at the door did too.

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