Belenen (belenen) wrote,

poll: self-labels, core values, yearnings, connecting activities, creation

icon: "analytical (a close-up photo of my eye in bright sunlight, showing the green and grey and roots-looking patterns)"

Poll #2038198 you, in 150 words or less

what are your self-labels? (gender, sexual, romantic, spiritual, bodily, class, occupation, etc)

what are your core values? (hint: you get really upset when someone else does something that violates them, AND you feel deep regret if you violate them)

What do you most yearn for in your life right now?

what activities make you feel most able to connect deeply with others?

What do you most often create? (ANYTHING that would not exist without you, including writing, memes, organization or decoration, rock stacking, etc)

If you run out of room, feel free to comment!
Tags: connections, creativity, identity, polls, questions

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