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prompt me if you please: only ones that would be hard for you to answer!

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I'm really proud of myself for having only missed 6 out of the 29 days last month. Even though it wasn't consecutive, I am counting it as a 22-day streak because it happened all in one month (one down, one to go). I also finally, laughably, finished the February question-a-day meme from last year. It's not my fault, they were hard questions! which I adored, btw, no complaints here.

I'm going to open the floor for more prompts, with the understanding that I will likely not finish them within a month. I will take 28! Ask as many as you like -- I shall take max 3 per person to begin and then if it is not filled I will use any extras you give. ONLY ask questions that if you were to ask them of yourself, you would have to think for a while before knowing the answer. You can use questions I have asked you before, if you want, and if I have already answered them I'll give you the link *smiles*


1. What was the most hurtful thing you have ever said behind someone's back?
2. What was the most sobering thing your parents have said to you?
4. which fictional character do you feel the most affinity with?
5. How would you spend your last day if you were to die tomorrow?
6. If your life turned into a movie, who will you choose to play as "you"?
7. If you become the President of the USA, what will be the first thing you would change?
8. Describe the one thing about yourself that makes you most proud.
9. What is the first step for you when resolving a conflict with someone?
10. What is your ideal first step when someone is trying to resolve a conflict with you?
11. what can make a social interaction easier for you? Harder for you? (ideally, answer for both 1on1 and group interaction.)
12. Imagine a new friend who was to become in your life and the person had one quality from each person in your core circle of friendships all rolled into one new person? What one quality would you choose from each person?
13. Even though you seem to have a lot of rich friendships, is there one quality none can really bring you that makes you feel at times sad or something missing in connection needs, or can this be explained in a different way?
14. Imagine you are placed in a room with two buttons and you have to press one. If you press button A, it will automatically end your life. However, if you press button B, you will end the lives of two people elsewhere in the world who are strangers to you and your closest. You won't ever read about the event in the news or what happened and your choice won't make the media, either. What button would you press? And if you do press button B, how many people would it be before you would press button A?
15. What is your most effective way of releasing stress? Is it also the one you use the most? If it isn't, why not?
16. Remember a time when you acknowledged a difficult truth about yourself, whichever it was. What was the difference between what acknowledging it really made you feel and what you'd thought it would make you feel?
17. What stands in the way of you making enough money to feel relatively secure?
18. If someone wanted to give you a gift, what would make the object, or action, more special and meaningful?

3. do you have an 'aesthetic'? if so, how would you describe it?
19. radical inclusion
20. gifting
21. decommodification
22. communal effort
23. civic responsibility
24. radical self-expression
25. radical self-reliance
26. participation
27. immediacy
28. leave no trace
Tags: questions, writing prompts

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