Belenen (belenen) wrote,

how I'd spend my last day if I knew I only had one left: cuddles, telling everyone goodbye, shrooms

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prompt from wanderipity: How would you spend your last day if you were to die tomorrow?

I would have Topaz, Kylei, Heather, Allison, Sydney (also Firekat & Arizona if they could get here in time), and maybe one or two others come over to my house and spend time with me, and I would have Hannah, Jacqueline, Abby, Elizabeth, Lisa, Nea, and Adi videochat in if they wanted. I would record videos to everyone I love (all those mentioned here as well as most of the people on my flist), and tell my people how to portion out my things. I would find someone to take care of Kanika. I would spend some individual time telling each person who was with me goodbye, and would cuddle with everyone and kiss everyone who wanted. I would probably try to get Kylei-Hannah-Topaz and Topaz-Kylei-Heather-Sydney-Allison to promise to give their best effort to build together and stay connected to each other. About 2 hours before the end, I would take mushrooms (assuming that I wasn't in pain or feeling physically bad: if so I would not take them). I would want to be holding hands with everyone in a circle (Topaz on my right and Kylei on my left) when I actually died. All this is assuming everyone would be okay participating -- if they weren't, that'd be okay (and I'd still make them a video goodbye).
Tags: chemtrails, questions

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