Euphoria 2016 / why I go to burns / new housemate feeds me, helps clean & tidy, & crafts with me!

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I went to Euphoria and camped with Topaz, Kylei, Heather, Brian, and Hope. It was a mix of pleasant and irritating, leaning a little to the irritating side. The best bits were sitting around the fire talking with people, smoking hookah with Topaz while petting Evelyn's hair, running an 'intimacy roulette' game, having people gift me and Topaz with exactly what we wanted, giving Rocky a meaningful hug when I came across them seeming in need of one, kissing Topaz, and kissing Evelyn.

The worst bits were our hugely inconsiderate dudebro neighbors who made loud noise and pointed floodlights at our tent all night, the unbelievably selfish shitsop who squeezed in front of me at the burn itself and blocked all my vision with their body which was a foot and a half taller than me, witnessing far too much waste and ableism, and getting sunburnt. I really was not expecting to get burnt because 1) I had been taking vitamin D religiously, and 2) I stayed in the shade the entire time. But I think that I didn't absorb what I had been taking, because [supplements blather]I've been taking zinc and apparently it blocks magnesium sometimes, which is necessary for absorption of D (if I understood what I read on it). I started taking magnesium daily since then, and the purple-pink has turned tan far, FAR quicker than usual, so that's good at least. I ordered a calcium-magnesium supplement to balance out the zinc, and copper because the zinc I currently have doesn't contain copper and zinc can deplete copper. I recently started taking iron too, because I found a vegetarian source and I know that it is unlikely I get enough from my diet. Once all this stuff arrives I have to figure out what not to take with what, bleh. Never thought I'd be taking a bunch of supplements every day -- but I only take what I can actually feel an effect from, with the exception of these new minerals and curcumin, which I take because I've read that it helps with dementia, both prevention and cure.

I talked with Topaz after and realized that the reason I go to burns is purely to skill-share and/or for art. If I was not going to do that, I wouldn't be motivated enough to go, because I've never met a person at a burn who became important to me. Even though I have a lot of burner friends, I've met all of them in some other way. (technically I met Seth at a burn I think, but I met Seth through Abby so the burn was just a convenience) Other reasons to go to a burn are not relevant to me because they are already part of my daily life: self-expression, nudity, play, cuddles. For a lot of people burns are where they can really be themselves and feel accepted, but accepting me would require a lot of learning that people do not do, so I never feel accepted (it is nice that people try, but there's not much that can be done in the moment).

I go to burns because I like that people there are often willing to try new things, and so if I bring a skill I think will help make the world better and people are willing to practice, I can make change there in a way that is not possible elsewhere. This time I felt like I did kind of a bad job with planning, and that meant that the intimacy game I made did not reach many people, but it was still worthwhile. I think the few strangers that came and participated appreciated it.

In other news I have a temporary housemate, Serenity (also called Twilight) who has been WONDERFUL to have around. They were in need of a place to stay and I had a room which wasn't being used so I offered it to them. I didn't ask for anything, but they have cooked for me four times (delicious healthy vegetarian meals) since they got here 10 days ago, and have done dishes and swept! Also, having them around as a tidy person helps me to be better about tidying also, so the kitchen table is usable again for the first time in ages. And they wanted to craft which got me crafting too -- now I have a new project half-done that I think I will actually complete soon. They have a service dog who is INCREDIBLY sweet and Kanika is slowly adjusting to them. I am really enjoying having them stay with me. We've talked a lot and I feel a lot of resonance with them.

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(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣analytical╠══
Yeah burningman is just a giant pile of privilege. The point is destroying the system in effigy, but the whole event reinforces classism, racism, sexism, etc.

I do love the freedom of being nude or partially nude in the woods and with other people.

I feel so lucky that I have found a housemate that clicks with me so well! I am still a little nervous just because I have never had a good experience with living with only one person. My good experiences with housemates all were in houses with more than 4 people.
zimtkeks ══╣╠══
The new housemate sounds great! How long will they stay?
belenen ══╣analytical╠══
They really are! I don't know how long, but right now I'm kinda hoping they stay until I move (which I dunno how long that will be, gotta get a job first).
medesign ══╣╠══
having good housemates always makes things better :) yay for crafting. what are you making is i might ask? I am always curious.
belenen ══╣necklace╠══
I've been making a bunch of different things -- jewelry, magic talismans, floggers. I love all forms of creation!
medesign ══╣╠══
wantedonvoyage ══╣Airstream╠══
I love the things I've been learning because of you! Burns sound interesting. I just read the whole Survival Guide for Alchemy which I guess used to be on the same farm as this event.

I'm wondering if I'm free-spirited enough for something like that. I'd be all about the camping/creation/sharing aspect although these days I might be one of the RV people.

belenen ══╣wild╠══
Yep, Euphoria used to be on the same land as Alchemy -- not sure if Alchemy is moving or not.

One of these days I want to have an RV. It has been my dream since I was a kid!
Bilbo - труба зовёт
kehlen ══╣Bilbo - труба зовёт╠══
You blew my mind again. I had no idea food supplements helped prevent sunburn/heal it faster.

I get sunburnt too often, mostly on trips (because I dislike sunscreens, I have yet to find any that do not feel too greasy on my skin. I know they are necessary, but forget/don't realize it's already time to use them — since I hardly ever need them at home in Moscow :/).

I will absolutely look into such supplements now, thanks.
belenen ══╣wild╠══
Yeah, I was surprised to learn it! I also am very bad at remembering sunscreen or being willing to use it properly, so being able to avoid sunburn without sunscreen is my ideal!
kehlen ══╣еда╠══
I know that money is tight for you right now, so maybe you cannot afford good quality sunscreen, but this summer, I tried something different that worked for me.

I did not start taking the supplements like you suggested, but rather replaced my regular moisturiser with sunscreen when the temperatures exceeded 25 C/80 F and I had to start wearing short sleeves and capri pants. I have a sunscreen with a "cooling" effect (can look up the brand and name) which I can stand on my skin.

This way, I am always automatically protected when there is a chance of sunburn, and I have not burned once yet. (Of course, in your warmer climate you'd have to re-apply it during the day, and I do not have to, so I don't know if my idea would work.)
meri_sielu ══╣Nom!╠══
You're so lucky to have found a room mate you get on with so well, it's so important to find someone that respects and compliments the sancity of your sacred space. I am notoriously difficult to live with when it comes to roommates, I do my share of housework and never cause trouble but I need a large amount of solo time to recharge my batteries and a lot of people in the past who have lived with me didn't respect that. Scoob is perfect and even with the slightly changed dynamic to our relationship the fact that he is the perfect roommate and one of my best friends hasn't changed and that's part of why I didn't want to kick him out when everyone else said I should, why I didn't and I am glad that he's still here. <3
belenen ══╣honesty╠══
I really am so lucky! I also need a lot of solo time and luckily so does my new housemate, so we can avoid each other without anyone getting their feelings hurt.
Madoka Magica ★ unique within itself
ragnarok_08 ══╣Madoka Magica ★ unique within itself╠══
Glad that the housemates have been great :)
belenen ══╣effervescent╠══
me too! yay!
call_me_katya ══╣╠══
I've never been to a burn, only festivals where the main focus is music, but Electric Picnic [the only one I've camped at] is described as a boutique festival with a strong leaning towards culture and arts as well as music. For example, there's an area called 'Mindfield' which hosts political and ecological discussions, talks by writers and science experiments, to name a few things. You would think the campers would therefore be considerate but nope, people will party all night in the campsite [rather than assigned party areas, which are many]. I have returned to my tent to find someone urinating on it [ample toilets are provided], and when I called them on this, they continued until they had finish. I'm pretty sure people have urinated on my tent while I was in it, because laziness. The litter is always incredible. It's distressing leaving the final morning, when people take their tents away and I see how much litter has been left. BUT I'm glad for the good times you had there.

And I'm glad about the housemate! And amused to think of Kanika with a new dog friend!

raidingparty ══╣╠══
I seriously haven't gotten used to the litter left behind by hippie gatherings. I'm picking up wrappers and cups and thinking, "Aren't we supposed to know better than this?" and eventually give up and leave the rest.
belenen ══╣hissing╠══
I do appreciate the people who volunteer to pick up after everyone else, but it is fucking depressing that they have to.
belenen ══╣contemptuous╠══
why on earth would people pee on your tent when they could just PEE ON THE GROUND? If you're gonna be lazy, at least don't be mean on top of it! aaaaghgghhgh
wantedonvoyage ══╣Airstream╠══
Do you have a favorite kind? I like Airstreams but they're too heavy; I don't want to have to drive something capable of towing that. So we picked out one called an A-Liner. Still top heavy for my current ride, but at least achievable someday.
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
no, I have never gotten to the point of actually shopping for one -- the cost has always been far away more than I could afford. I'd want one that was an actual motorhome though, rather than a trailer that I'd have to have a tow vehicle for.
Ruffled Feathers
call_me_katya ══╣Ruffled Feathers╠══
Yep! I'm a realist, and I know that when a lot of tents are close together and someone has to get out of their tent to pee in the middle of the night they will just go to the closest possible space [especially if the night time temperature drop is low and to find a toilet would be cold] but even though the tents are closely packed, ground is still there! And I usually camp quite close to toilets anyway as I usually need to go in the middle of the night. Stand-up males seem to seek an upright surface instead of pointing to the ground, which would explain why they use tents, but fuck, it's mean! And the person in this story was female-bodied, sitting down to pee, still using my tent. Argh!
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.