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moving to maybe the Wynne's neighborhood

to those of you who pray...

Ben and I are moving at the end of this month (our lease is up) and there is this one place that I REALLY want to work out... A Christian black man in the Wynne's neighborhood is offering a room for rent! It's a little bit of a drive for Ben, but 33 minutes isn't that bad, considering the 22 he drives now... and the room has a separate entrance... and a private bathroom... and it's well-lit... and it's for a good price...

...and I'd be near my momi! Within walking distance even! I could help take care of her, and maybe help with the baby when she comes... and I'd be back in my favorite area... It seems soooooo God. I suppose I'll find out when he contacts me. *fidget* I emailed him about three hours ago...

So, please pray that this works out! 'cause I'd be just so unbelievably excited. This would be even better than living with the Wynnes again! (and the way he described it, it sounded like it's that pretty brick house with the arches that I've driven by a million times and wanted to look inside) ooooooOOOOOoooooooOOOOOoooo!!!!!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up -- can you tell?
Tags: destined happenings, wynnes

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