Belenen (belenen) wrote,

poem: inside

icon: "feral (Frazetta's "Cat Girl": a person with large breasts and belly and thick muscular thighs, pale skin and very dark hair, standing among gigantic moss-covered vines/roots in a dark forest, arms reaching out to embrace the vines/roots)"

I want to pull open
my chest
unlock the sternum and pull back the ribs
just enough to show the fierce plasma, the glowing melted glass
to let the heat leap out and smash into you

you'd stagger back
then narrow your eyes and lean in
peer with singed eyelashes
at dark valleys of impossible moss,
rivers of inexplicable coolness
tiny faeries - fireflies - sparks?
trees of lava, bark flowing endlessly

One tree in particular
a dark spot in the center catches your gaze
it widens, a flash of pointed teeth, a laugh that makes you shudder
then you see the face, wild, streaked with neon colors,
eyes piercingly hypnotic
scaled skin and clawed hands
naked round belly and thick thighs
heavy breasts and leathery wings

you're not so sure you want to see any more

don't worry
I'll lock it back

Tags: poetry

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