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beadolla with Patty / J. Gould / freeing myself from possessions

Uterus hurts. But I had a good day anyway!

My mom (who is in town until July) picked me up at noon and took me to my favorite restaurant, where we had interesting conversation and excellent mexican food... then she took me to beadolla, where I shopped thoroughly and spent most of the gift certificates that Ben and Yaya gave me for my birthday (Waaaaaaaaaay back in February -- and I didn't have a chance to use them until TODAY) I'm very pleased with my loot, and with how lenient my mom was -- she let me finish shopping while she sat in the car (I didn't leave her there too long). (wow, so far this post is nearly incomprehensible. Oh well) Then she took me to get our checks deposited and to pick up some coke for my poor sick husband (oh yeah, Ben's sick) and finally dropped me at home.

Later, we went to meet John Gould, a nice but very 'no-nonsense' man (who is a minister as well as a professor). The room is small but big enough for us, and the closet is large and the bathroom is WITHIN the room (no hallway walking in the middle of the night) -- and it is the AWESOMEST shape. Kinda octagon. (I love octagons -- they are my favorite shape. Yes, I have a favorite shape, I have a favorite EVERYTHING. Challenge me. Ask me what my fav. 'something' is) I'm thinking that this will work! I was already planning on donating a chair and two bags of nice-but-we-never-wear-them clothes to the Family Violence Counsel (who left us a card just a few days ago -- how convenient!), and some wedding presents that are expensive-but-not-unique to Liberty's benevolence ministry... so we're clearing out the unnecessaries. I hate owning stuff that I don't love. I'd rather use the antique sterling silverware we have (though there is only one fork) than the expensive 36-pc set with no imagination. So the expensive set is being given away, as well as all those white dishes -- I'll use my square plates and black octagon bowls, thanks. ;-) Somebody will be happy and I will feel freer. And I finally parted with the looks-sexy-on-me-but-doesn't-match-my-personality-at-all shirts (stripes? blech).

So, in all, I had a good day. I applied for a webring and someone was so impressed with my site that they made it their 'featured site' without me having to pay! I was so flattered! But they didn't sign my damn guestbook. How hard is it to say "My name is _______ and I really liked the _______ part of your site." RRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr.

Hmm... and I posted my race info for the Edheli in the __fantasynovel community... I suppose this is the testing point. Will it get responses or will I scream, "AHHHRRRGGG YOU LAZY ASSES WHY AREN'T THERE ANY INTERESTING PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!!!!" (people on my friends' list excepted, heh)

OH YEAH... I was going to post about my parents being confusingly clingy recently.... but I'll do that later. I'm tired and my sicky husband won't sleep unless I take his book away and say "PET ME!" (well the "pet me" part has nothing to do with sleeping -- I just say that all the time)

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